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Explore the 7 different and unique online business ideas for college students.

If you are sick or tired from those repetitive business ideas suggested by many bloggers then I’ll try my best not to disappoint you again.

Before I start discussing those unique online business for college students. Something I want you to know.

So first of all, how should I judge you

  • Who Exactly Are You? A College Students Or Somebody Else
  • What’s Your Real Profession?
  • Why You Want To Start A Business?
  • What’s Your Motive Behind Seeking A New Business Idea?
  • Are You Really Interested In Discovering That One Profitable Business Idea?
  • If yes, What’s Your Budget In Hand?
  • Are You The Right Person To Kick Start Your Business?

For me, these are some of the important questions to learn about you before I can start suggesting any business ideas or money-making ideas.

It helps me to understand the condition, situation, and level of commitment you have to kick start your online or offline business or start making money online.

So, that I can suggest some of the best business ideas for college students that you can accountable of.


In this Simplified Blogs, I have simplified each of the business ideas for college students in different approaches and business models that you should definitely give your time to checkout to find out if it works or not.

Build Online E-Learning Marketplace : Business ideas for college students 2021

best unique online business for students and Best online business for college students
E-Learning (LMS) Marketplace

This is the another best online business for college students because there is business opportunities For College students.

I have noticed many times, majority of audiences don’t like the e-learning business ideas being suggested to start. And the reason is Competition and the market is highly saturated. But trust me the business model I’m going to discuss below is quite interesting, profitable, less saturated, and the best business ideas for college students.

Here, are some frequently asked question –

How To Build E-Learning Platform Or Marketplace In The First Place?

It’s obvious! And a great question. I would love to answer that for you if you have no idea about it.

Building an E-learning platform is not a big deal today. It is very easy. But I want you to wait for a moment before I can explain how to platform in the first place.

Something Needs To Be Clear. So, that you can decide whether these business ideas for college students is a great fit for you or not.

E-Learning Platform v/s E-Learning Marketplace Platform

E-Learning Platform :

In simple words, an E-Learning platform is an individual-based platform where an individual uses the platform to teach their students online by going live or by selling recorded courses.

E-Learning Marketplace Platform :

E-Learning Marketplace is a platform where multiple instructors sell their online courses.

Example : www.Udemy.Com is an E-learning marketplace where anyone can join and sell their course on any topics or skills.

E-Learning Marketplace is a platform where you sell and purchase online courses.

My Suggestion :

When it comes to any business ideas, generally there are different business models are existed. And there is no fixed number of business models. You can even use your brain, research, and objective to formulate your own version of the business model.

But as per my suggestion. I’ll tell you my best online business ideas for college students. You are free to pick any business model or simply play around to formulate a better business model for the e-learning industry. And don’t forget to share with me.

Business Model No. 1 : Individual-Based E-Learning

best business ideas for college students

The simplest business model for e-learning business. If you have any skills or talent field, you can build yourself an individual-based E-learning platform.

And sell paid online courses.

Promoting individual-based e-learning platform is quite difficult and getting abundant visitors to platform is effortful task. In the beginning, you can use Facebook Ads And Google Ads to bring visitors and generate sales.

In case, if you any skills like – Marketing, SEO, Cooking, Programming, Website Building, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe, Animation, Video making, etc. Then you can go with these models.

If you need help in setting up everything to get started in you budget. You can ask me for help. Or you can check out the services below.

Business Model No. 2 : Selling E-Courses On Marketplace

best business ideas for college students
Udemy : E-Learning Marketplace

If you’ve any skills or talent in any field, then you can you build and sell your online courses on others platform like Udemy

Competition is quite heavy on platform like Udemy. Until, you put effort in building a valuable course in demanding topics. You can promote to bring more sales. You’ll be competing with other instructor thus you’ve to be careful about the pricing and value.

Rating And Reviews matter everything. If I were you and have decide, I will consider partial model, which you can called it as a Mixed Business Model for the e-learning.

I will use Udemy as a platform to promote my online courses on my personal e-learning website, as an overview with very less prices or free online courses. And from there I’ll be motivating enrolled students to navigate to my e-learning personal website by providing enough value.

Business Model No. 3 : Building E-Learning Marketplace From Scratch

best business ideas for college students
LMS Marketplace Business

My preferred suggestion is to build something like Udemy, which e-learning marketplace business.

You can build a E-Learning Marketplace, and allows yourself as well as others to sell their online courses. Just like Udemy.

And if you think, this is the best time to do some crazy experiment by starting your own online business, then consider business model no. 3.

It’s fun, exciting and profitable and best online business ideas for college students.

If you are starting building this kind of business in the first year of your college. Then, until graduation, you can expect to have an established business and you don’t require 9 to 5 jobs at the end. You can continue your entrepreneur journey.

But you have to start as soon as possible. And there are some key things to learn before you jump on this, which I’ll be talking about in the below section.

How To Build E-Learning Marketplace ?

I must mention that, you don’t require these :

  1. No Programming Language knowledge
  2. No Highly Technical Skill

Even, Art students can also build such kinds of E-learning platforms. Thus it is considered as one of the best businesses to start in college or you can use this business idea after graduation.

I am not going to cover that part here. In case if you want to learn how to build e-learning and build by yourself then I can help you in learning step by step. Mail me at [email protected]

You can learn everything from start to bottom about E-learning Website Development Skills as well as how to build business through proper strategies?

Website Building Service Agency : Online Business Ideas For Students

Online opportunities for students and business ideas for college students
Website Designing Agency

This is very easy and straight forward type of online business ideas for college students as well as others, seeking to start simple business online.

The next easy side business ideas for college students, I would like to suggest is to start ‘Website Development Services Agency ‘.

It’s highly profitable as well as recurring income sources type of online business opportunities For College students. But not limited to students. Anyone can started with basic fundamental knowledge of computer and internet.

There is a sea of opportunities waiting. If you can build a website for local and new businesses and others then you can make a lot of money and eventually, if intended you can start your own website development service agency business.

No Programming and Technical Knowledge Required.
By using CMS, you can build websites of any type.

Taking an example of myself :

I honestly do not know any kind of programming language. And I was not that good at computer and technical stuff. I had opted for business and commerce in my college years.

I began this career, by helping my college mates in building their website. And now, I am currently serving more than 10+ business clients on a recurring business. And everything going great.

So, first thing first, if you are worrying that you are not the right person for this type of online business ideas for college students. Then you may relax. It is the easiest skill you can learn in a quick span of time.

Learning these skills is pretty easy. You can find a ton of tutorials and content on the internet where you can learn from. But everything is scattered.

The difficult part comes in when you involved in the real client’s project. Because no one teaches that. I can say that, with my experience. I had to face this challenge and was struggling a lot.

I have taught many students and help them start their freelancing career as well as agency business within this business idea for students.

Take a look my Website Design And Development of SimplifedBlogs Website.

business ideas for college students

Recurring Income Opportunity

This is why I wanted to learn the skill. Because I knew there is a recurring opportunity. As I was inspired by my friend. He was making a around $ 7500 just from recurring income.

Because if you build websites for any business or individual. Then there is a 90% chance that they will opt you for regular maintenance and update with any required changes, for which you can charge on monthly basis fees.

Apart from that, you will be charging one-Time Website building charges.

Freelancing Career Vs Business Career

Online opportunities for students   and business ideas for college students
Freelancer Vs Agency Business

Businesses always receives priority over freelancing. This is the truth.

As a freelancer, getting a new project will be a little difficult. And you’ll make less money in comparison to businesses.

Because, generally, the freelance guy has fewer authorities identity. But you can work to build your identity.

I suggest, rather going too deep into a freelancing career. You can start your business. By giving a name to the company, registering your company as s sole proprietorship.

Because this works better.

How To Get Started And Build Your Website Development Agency ?

Let me clear, no programming and highly technical knowledge is required. You don’t have to mess with code.

Currently, I have closed the Website Development & Designing program. Due to large volume of request.

But stay tune. It’ll be surely back.

It’s not about only skills, which you can learn from anywhere. Along with the Website development skills, there are some other stuff required to learn, practice, and kick start your business and land a few clients.

In case, if you are highly interested and don’t want to wait anymore. Then you can make a special request by mailing at [email protected].

But keep checking this page, where you can find what I’ll be going to cover in this program, which include everything necessary like from Skills to mindset before starting business.

  • With Live-Implemented Real World Clients Project.
  • With Hand-on Training.
  • Prospecting Methods To Land Multiple Clients And Projects
  • Learning How To Handle Multiple Projects Simultaneously?
  • How To Scale Your Business Up And Adding More Services?

Software As A Service Business : Startup Ideas For College Students

best business ideas for college students
SaaS Agency

Software As A Services‘ or simply called ‘SaaS‘ based business sounds freaking technical jargon words. But trust me again, these online small unique business ideas for college students are so simple that anyone can start.

  • No Programming Language Required.
  • No Need To Be Technical Savvy
  • Basic And Fundamental Knowledge Of Computer And Internet.
  • Ability To Learn And Grasp Things

What Is Saas-Based Business ?

SaaS or Software as a services business, where a company or organization or even individuals build software and provide to the market as a web-services on a recurring monthly or yearly income. Rather than selling the software as a product.

So, before you can start or think about this business idea, you’ll need to build yourself software, that is useful and worth paying.

I am kidding. You don’t need to build any kind of software or web-services tools. There’s a whole market for it, where you can buy or sell software or web application.

Real Example Based On This Business Idea –

Here are small individual based to large corporate in this business.

For example large – Personal Digital Marketing CoachingAdobe is large corporate who sells their software as a services.

But what’s matter most, the small business or individual based business. So that you can relate yourself to identify whether this online business idea is great fits to you or not. Or how you can make money from the such kind of business.

UpTrends – Website Speed Test, Performance and monitoring tools. Audiences uses such kinds of tools for purpose. And the platform make money by allowing them to purchase subscription on a monthly basis.

SmallSEOTools : Multiple simple tools that help bloggers and website owners. They have multiple sources of income like Making money from sponsored, Ads, Affiliate, subscription

Calendly : Allows To Book Appointment.

There are millions of such kind of platform available. This is the reason why this small business ideas for college students is an awesome to kick start.

Right Way To Get Started

It’s not possible for me to cover this part here.

There are a lot of things that I need to cover. And I have a plan to write an in-depth guide on how to start a ‘Software As A Services‘ or ‘SaaS-Based Agency‘.

Benefit Of SaaS Business :

  • Highly profitable Business
  • Investment Required Is Very Minimum.
  • Setup and installation are also easy.
  • Opportunity to create multiple revenue systems.
  • Easy To Bring Visitors
  • Beginner-Friendly And Anyone can start
  • Full-Time Business Or Part-Time Business
  • No need to build a team to handle platform
  • Software charges costs around ($20 to $300 ), which is one-Time Payable.
  • You can create multiple platforms.

Definitely, I’m planning to build a complete online program to help such audience learn and build profitable SaaS-business.

In case, you can also make special request to help you learn personally – one to one coaching.

Chatbot Service Agency : Side-Business Ideas For College Students

best business ideas for college students
Chatbot Service Agency

Have you heard about chatbot?

It’s another side-business or online business ideas for college students to start. Learning Chatbot And Marketing With Chatbot is very easy. It’ll only take a week or more to master the skills.

A chatbot is an automated chat application integrated with a bot program, used by businesses and individuals to automate several processes, engage incoming customers and as well nurture the audiences without sacrificing their time, money, and efforts.

Most businesses and companies aren’t aware about such kind of technologies that can help automate their tasks, which they were doing manually or by hiring employee.

And they really like the idea when they hear about the way chatbot automate stuff, so they no longer have to worry about.

I am not guessing here anything, I have my prior research to admit such kind of things. Many peoples had shared their experience of selling chatbots to clients and how they are making money from building and selling chatbots as a service.

If you don’t believe, go ahead search on YouTube and Google.

And it’s not new, I have heard about chatbot 2 years ago. Building and selling chatbot is pretty easy.

Is It A Good Idea ?

If you’re guessing, whether you can make money with a chatbot or not.
Yes, of course.

But there is condition.

You need some time to learn about Chatbot. And it’s very easy and fun. As you’ll learn by building real chatbots.

Consider having 2 to 3 weeks in your hands. During this time, you’ll learn about the building and development of chatbots as well as Chatbot Marketing.

Definitely, yes, this is a good idea. The market is unsaturated yet. And you can serve overseas clients.

How To Get Started ?

best business ideas for college students

It’s better get started as soon as possible. Start with learning about Chatbot Development.

But wait, there something you need to know first, there are different ways to make money with Chatbot which is basically, Business Models

I’ve written a detailed post about the 7 Different Models with Chatbot Business Idea that you can consider. I advise you to take a look and go through each business model.

Out 7 your job is to pick one model which you find interesting as well as easy to get started. And from there, you can take the next step to learn about Chatbot Development.

For Overview Of The General Steps Involved

  1. Learn and practice building and marketing with Chatbots
  2. Select any particular industry like Real Estate, Insurance, etc
  3. Create your online presence like create a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, LinkedIn Account
  4. Use quora and medium like platforms to promote
  5. Have a landing page or a website, where businesses can see all the information about the services, technology, and about you.
  6. Use Yelp and Yellowpages, to find out prospects and new clients
  7. Use Canva, to make an explainer presentation and graphics for your prospects. Make it a more visual presentation.
  8. If possible, make a video about 3 to 7 minutes, and address what exactly chatbot is about and how it can help businesses automate a certain task, track incoming website visitors and engage visitors through automated conversation.

In case if you want to get started quickly through one-to-one coaching, where you will be learning :

  • About Chatbot Industry And Career
  • Chatbot Development Various Industry Like Real Estate, Insurance, Education etc.
  • Chatbot Marketing
  • Prospecting & Outreaching Methods To Land Clients
  • Handling Multiple Projects And Clients Simultaneously
  • Building A Proper Chatbot Agency
  • Scaling Your Business Up

Along with this, you’ll be involved in real client’s projects to learning practical stuff.
You’ll be building multiple dummy and sample project to show you the first few clients

Considering filling the form below and I will love to talk to you about – How and What You Are Going To Learn ANd Make It Happen?

Affiliate Marketing E-Commerce Store : College Business Ideas

best business ideas for college students
Affiliate Online Store

Affiliate Marketing” one of the most overrated suggestions on the internet. But very profitable college business ideas.

I totally agree that affiliate marketing is a really good way to make money. And this section, I’ll show you another exciting business model based on Affiliate Marketing. This is the best online business for students to start if they have very low investment.

Stick here for a while.

I hope you know what is affiliate marketing. In case, you don’t know –
Affiliate Marketing is a method or process or action to promote other (Individual’s or Company’s) products or services in order to earn a commission.

If you are in college, then this is the right time to get into affiliate marketing.

But before you jump into this, I want to show you, one different business model in affiliate marketing that I prefer, and nobody is talking about. I have notices very few people are considering it.

I would like to discuss the different business models in brief in a section.

As we all know, there There are a lot of ways we can promote affiliate products and these are very common ways :

  • Promoting through writing and posting blogs
  • Reviewing affiliate products or service and convincing to purchase one
  • Email Marketing
  • Making YouTube video for promotion
  • Comparison Blog
  • Deep product tutorials
  • On Social Media Platform

There are several approach what’s best fit you to promote.

Business Model 01 : Use Landing Page To Promote Recurring Affiliate Products

best business ideas for college students
Affiliate Marketing

This one is also quite known. Using landing page to products affiliate products or services.

In this approach, promoters don’t promote many products on the same landing page or website. They promote only one product per landing page. And that landing page is completely dedicated to that products.

This approach to promoting products per landing page requires marketing knowledge. You should be aware of marketing strategies across different channels and running paid ads.

If you have no idea how to promote through digital marketing and you don’t have the budget to spend on paid ads then probably this idea is not good enough.

It will require more strategical efforts as well as investment, to keep things going. But highly profitable and potential to generate a good amount.

The next affiliate marketing model, I will suggest to go ahead with…

Business Model 02: Affiliate E-Commerce Online Store

best business ideas for college students
Affiliate E-Commerce Store

I don’t suggest to consider the above affiliate model if you have strict budget, and unaware about marketing knowledge.

But this affiliate model is quite interesting and might fits you well. You don’t require to build your own products or invite peoples to sell on your newly built e-commerce platform.

So, what is basically affiliate E-commerce online store ?

This type of e-commerce online store is just like any other e-commerce platform and looks pretty similar to general e-commerce websites.

But the difference is rather than allowing you to purchase on the same e-commerce platform, you refer visitors from products page to platform where they can make the actual purchase and in return, you’ll earn an affiliate commission.

Why This Is A Good Business Idea ?

  • Building Affiliate E-Commerce Online Store is easy.
  • You don’t have to own single products
  • You don’t have to invite peoples to sell on your platform
  • Importing products from e-commerce stores like Amazon or Alibaba, etc to your platform is only a few clicks away when you set up your store.
  • It’s also called a comparison site, where you can compare products and recommend where to buy with less amount for the same products.

This is a smart way to start a business where you can set up your e-commerce business, without depending on having products or peoples to sell on your platform.

Some examples, I would like to share with you here. But these e-commerce sites example might look complicated to set up and build. But it’s not.

Best Coupons, Offers, Promo Codes & Cashback Deals | Cashkaro.com

CaskKaro.Com is a good example of this model. They use different tactics and methods like coupons, offers, promo codes, and cashback deals on their platform to lure visitors but also help visitors to find the products with the best deals and discounts.

It saves time and research of the visitors to do internet research for a products that they are looking to purchase.

My Smart Prices is another affiliate comparison e-commerce site.

If you wonder, these are quite complicated to build a business something like this, then let me tell you. You are wrong.

There are many plugins and simple free application out there, which they are using to import everything.

So, if you really love this idea. Wanted to get into this. Then I suggest to learn little more about it. Like –

  • What are the steps involved?
  • Investment requirement for the business
  • Understanding affiliate e-commerce business model in depth
  • Revenue generation model

This is a good online business ideas for college students if you’ve limited resources and budget.

Everything You Need To Get Started

best business ideas for college students
Basics Needs To Get Started

Domain : Get domain that best fits store. Should be Short, Concise, Easy to read and spell.

Hosting : A hosting service is necessary to store your files and everything on the server. It might cost you a little bit.
But you can very easy to use, with 24/7 Customer Support via Phone call, Email, Instant Chat.

I am also using the same hosting and my website is pretty fast with no issues and down time.

You can use this hosting to get WordPress platform where you can build any type of website.

In case you need any help, reach out to me at [email protected]

Digital Marketing Agency : Best Business Ideas For College Students

business ideas for college students
Digital Marketing Agency

One of my favorite suggestions for online business ideas for college students to kick start your ‘Digital Marketing Agency‘.

This business idea is highly profitable and anyone can start from scratch. And investment requires to kick start is very low to no.

There is a high demand of marketing services in almost every industries.

Well, I do not have my own digital marketing business. But I do offer services Like SEO, Facebook & Google Paid Advertisement, Content Marketing.

Initially, I was only offering Website Designing And Development Project.

But I noticed, many of my website development project clients, do ask for marketing and promotional services for their business.

Like – Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation campaign management, Running google ads. and so on.

I was ignoring quite for a while. Because I had no idea about marketing. And there are already a lot of website development projects that are in the pending state.

But I must say, most of the offering was lucrative. So, I decided to collaborate with the new digital marketing company, LongLiveTheBrand.Com that was launched in 2018.

Now they are handling all of my client’s marketing and promotional services. And without, giving my efforts and time. I am earning a good amount of commission on a weekly and monthly basis.

So, What’s The Point To Tell The Story Here?

The point is, there are some easy opportunities, you might be missing while looking for great and million dollar business ideas.

And if you have a month in your hand, as well as patience. Then you can learn one or two skills of digital marketing services and get started as a freelancer. One month is the maximum time I am dedicating here for preparing, learning, and practicing.

If you’re interested then you need to check out this right now.

I had no idea about digital marketing at that time. But now, I am giving my time to learn. So that I can handle my client’s marketing services projects.

And I can tell confidently that, digital marketing is very easy to learn. But you need to be consistent for some time to learn.

It is the easiest thing, you can learn in a short span of time and get started as a freelancer.

How To Get Started The Right Way ?

First I would like to bring some harsh truth here. And how I lost my $1199 after enrolling in the digital marketing online crash courses.

Believe it not, the Marketing industry is a big mess. The reason I guess is because of the easy opportunity in the industry to get in.

And many peoples taking advantage of it by selling digital marketing training or online programs, or simply selling digital marketing services to the business.

It already happened to me. It might happen to you too. You might get motivated to learn and get yourself in such delusion. And in the end, you’ll realize this is tough and might not be a good business idea for you.

This is how I lost $1199 on digital marketing online crash courses.

I wanted to learn digital marketing so I enrolled myself in an online learning and training program.

In the course, they were teaching completely theoretical and very little practicals stuff. I can point out many things going wrong when I started. Like – the most disgusting is that almost in every video, they don’t miss the chance to promote themselves to enroll in their other online courses like Funnel Marketing, SEM, SEO online courses.

I asked for a refund on the 4th day, but they denied it.

You know they’re using un-awareness to target such newbies and trying to sell their digital marketing course of thousands of dollars, which you can learn for free on YouTube.

If you’re interested, you can better learn from YouTube or you can buy online courses from udemy at a very low price.

One Of The Best Suggestion :

The Digital Marketing industry is a big mess. You cannot learn everything and jump to build your agency. My recommendation is to pick few things that actually get sales easily Like –

  • Lead Generation Services
  • Facebook Ads Services
  • Google Ads Services
  • SEO Services
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

No doubt, if you are thinking to start a career in the digital marketing world then this is the right decision.

No matter what kind of skills you have. You are eligible to start. If you consider starting right from your college time. Then, in the end, you can easily make up to earn 10,000 grand a month.

And this is possible. Believe it or not.

Currently, I along with my colleague, working on a program for digital marketing skills. It’s not completed yet. I’ll let you know through a subscription newsletter and magazine.

But still you can make a request for one-to-one coaching.

And don’t forget to download the checklist, it help you to track down everything in a nutshell.

Accommodation Services Business : Online Businesses To Start In College

business ideas for college students
Accommodation Service Business

Here, another highly profitable online business ideas for college students.

But, certainly, this is not for everyone. There are several factors that decide whether this business is for you or not.

This is a serious business type that requires high efforts as well as planning before you can even startup.

Have little patience, I’ll brief about this business from the beginning.

So, what kind of Accommodation Service Business It Is?

In this business type, you’ll be helping peoples find the accommodation or simply help them find renting the place, at their desired location, facility, amenities under their budget.

In this Accommodation services business, you’ll build a platform basically a website, where peoples can visit and see the available options for accommodation and renting.

And they can easily proceed with the booking system.

Possible Challenges

Here are some challenges You May Face In Accommodation Business :

  • Planning And Strategies Building Is Quite Confusing
  • Individually setting up everything for business is a little difficult task but possible
  • Although, it is an online business, selecting a specific location is a little difficult

How To Get Started ?

small business ideas in college  students

The best way to get started is to –

1. Understand the business model first.

You can learn about the business model by observing other existing businesses. Remember there are many businesses in this industry, some businesses are very large corporate and some are small.

Observe both, but consider mainly the small one.
Note down the workflow, process, and everything that you feel important to customers or visitors.

Notice, what kinds of problems they are trying to solve. And How They Are Solving?

2. Find One Or Two Specific Problem Based On Analysis :

If you have carefully observe the other business in the same industry. Then you can identify what kind of problem they are solving.

You have to pick one or two problems, that you would love to solve and build a business around that particular problem.

Problem like –

Students joining new colleges or schools or academy, face difficulty in finding proper accommodation or rent, under their budget at the desired location, facility, and amenities.

Many house owners or building owners face difficulty in offerings their accommodation services to the public. And they have to pay a huge broker charge.

  • Take your time to build a proper idea for your future business.
  • Be specific as much as you can.
  • Start with the simple problem.
  • Find the proper solution for the problem. Try to build the solution in a unique way.
  • Identify the particular audiences who are facing this kind of problem. And how they can get benefit from your business.

3. Build Proper Idea Based on Pre-Analysis And Problem You Identified :

After spending some time analyzing other small, individual, and large corporate.

You can have a rough idea here.

And I’m also guessing here, that you’ve identified the specific problem that you are going to solve through your business and make money out of it.

So, at this step. Build the complete and proper idea for the business.

I recommend, if you can break your idea in to phases. So, that you implement one after one as per by phase.

4. Build Simpler Version of The Same Business Model :

After understanding the business model, and noticing the workflow and processes, if you’ve built your own business idea.

Do not focus on building a revenue system or model at this step. Focus on building something valuable. Valuable enough so that users or visitors find the purpose to use it. otherwise, they will not visit back to your site again in the future.

Everything begins, with the planning, strategies that you’ve made in the first place.

The planning covers various things and it must be oriented toward what and how you accomplish, at what level. And by level means, this accommodation service business can be started at

how do I know what are accommodation is available to rent and

Start Job Portal Business : Side Business For College Students

small business ideas in college
Job Portal Website

Job portal platform, help audiences search for job listing as well as help small to large businesses and companies find employees.

So, starting a business around this type of business idea will be awesome and highly profitable.

A Job portal website receives a lot of website visitors than any other website.

Starting a job portal website and turning it into a real business, where you can make money.

Example Of Top Job Portal Business :

There are many companies in these niches, from large to small businesses. You can also search the web to find many job portals in your country.

Here are some example,

Glassdoor Job Search | Find the job that fits your life

Jobs: Search Jobs In India, Freshers Jobs Online, Govt Jobs, Recruitment | Freshersworld.com

Jobs – Recruitment – Job Search – Employment -Job Vacancies – Naukri.com

Potential of The Job Portal Business :

As I mentioned, the job portal website receives a huge number of audiences. So, you the potential of this kind of business is pretty high.

And It’s depends on the individuals or organization, how they are planning and executing plans.

  • Multiple-Sources of Income Is Possible.
  • Job Portal Website Is Highly Scalable.
  • Attracting Visitors To Job Portal Website Is Easy Than Other Websites
  • Sponsorship And Promotional Campaign To Other Business Is Also Highly Profitable.
  • Selling Subscription Is Great Options To Make Recurring Income

Income Sources In Job Portal Business :

Multiple sources of income is possible with job portal type business.

4 Key role going to play to make multiple Source of income :

  • Proper Planning
  • Strong Strategies
  • Perfect Timing
  • Building Team
  • Handling And Regular Update
  • Proper Execution

Let’s talk little in depth about income sources here.

As per planning and strategies, everything will be executed at the perfect time with some achievement.

During the planning phase, You must decide the income sources as

  • Primary Sources
  • Secondary Sources

Primary Source: Primary sources should be the main source of income. And this should be generated by solving a particular problem through business.

For Example – Helping Businesses And Companies Get Qualified Employees In IT Industry. With Less Struggle.
And you’ll be charging for that or selling the subscription to allow businesses and companies to have profile on your platform.

The primary source of income must be the priority and consider it covering your earning about 70% to 85%.

Secondary Sources : Other whatever the sources of income, consider it as a secondary sources.

There may be multiple secondary sources of income. And you can give priority as per your planning and profitable sources.

For Example :

  1. Sponsored Companies And Business Listing At the Top Page
  2. Features Job Posting At The Top Page
  3. Recommendation For Companies And Business Job Opportunity
  4. Boosting Students Profile In Search Listing And Maximum Exposure.
  5. Content Development
  6. Affiliate Income
  7. Blogging And Earning From Ads and Sponsored Post

There are endless opportunities to generate revenue. But you should be careful.

I suggest focus on one primary sources income first. Try to maximize it’s potential of revenue generation. But also consider planning for secondary sources of income.

First fours suggestion above, is also a great secondary income sources, and you’ll love it.

So, planned well and execute step by step.

How To Build Job Portal Platform ?

This is the first question that comes to mind – ‘How To Build Job Portal Platform In The First Place?

Trust me. It’s not that difficult to build this platform.

You don’t need :

  • Programming Language Knowledge
  • Highly Technical Knowledge
  • Computer Science Degree

What You Need To Get Started ?

Domain – Short And Concise, easy to read, spell and remember. You can buy from websites like NameCheap at a price of $8.88 per year.

Hosting – Highly suggested to use Bluehost which you can buy at a discounted price. Fast, Easy to set up, Help And Support.

WordPress – You can get WordPress CMS, which is a website development platform. And you can get it for free from Bluehost hosting.

Website Template – You can find a lot of awesome templates, ready to deploy with little change. So, where you can find these template

Investment Required For Job Portal Business :

You have to invest little to kick start this job portal business.

If you’ve literally no money in your hand. Then you cannot make it.
I suggest take a look at this. Start Online Business No Money.

But the good news is that you don’t need enough money to invest.
At least, you should invest your effort and time into building this business.

So, how much is a rough estimate, the investment required for the job portal business?

As a rough estimate – $300 To $700 in between.

There are a lot of things haven’t discuss here like :

  • How to get started?
  • How to plan things and make strategies?
  • How To Attract Business And Companies On Your Platform?
  • What To Do If Business And Companies Aren’t Posting Job Requirement On Your New Platform?
  • How to bring visitors to the new platform?
  • How to build a perfect team?
  • Is there any necessary skill that you need to learn?

Bonus For Lazy Entrepreneur : Become Partner With LongLiveTheBrand

This is the bonus suggestion from my side. And this one perfectly fits those who want to make quick money. Y

You can consider it as a complete business or simply making money working with the business.

Who Should Consider This Idea ?

Read Carefully.

  • If you are a college student or a working professional who wants to make extra cash.
  • You need experience in handling business and clients.
  • You want to learn how to deal with clients and customers.
  • If you want to see how companies grab new projects and opportunities.
  • Want to become a partner with other business and companies
  • Want to work with a company, but struggling to get a job
  • If you’ve no money to start anything your own.
  • If you cannot relocate but want to work as a remote contract employee
  • If you don’t have any particular skills so that you can get a job
  • You want to free from 9 to 5 job

Are You Eligible To Apply ?

Read carefully, before you proceed.

  • You have to accept terms and condition
  • Applying Candidate must be Well-Aware of English Language
  • Able To Speak English Fluently
  • Ready And willing To Learn New Things, Provided By Accepted Company
  • Being Available when needed.
  • Being able to communicate through webcam, phone, and email or instant Chat application.

How To Join ?

To join, you can visit here.

I suggest reading each and every term and condition as well as about the work process.

I have read through. And I think this is the best for those who want to get started and get exposed to business in deep. You can use the skills for your future business.https://forms.gle/8Y4tr9UaAFberCbh7


These online business ideas for college students discussed above are not highly technical or required advanced skills to start business.

But please do not under-estimated, any business ideas require hustle, planning and execution.

If you are sure to start your own online business sooner or later, the I suggest :

  • To invest a little amount of money.
  • Huge amount of efforts and time
  • Proper planning and strategies building
  • Building business models
  • Revenue generation models
  • execution of the step by step

If you don’t have available budget in hand to invest in learning and building business, then I suggest to drop the ideas to start a business.

You should really focus on making money online ideas, which require very less or no budget. And this is how I started.

If you seek my personal suggestion, then I highly recommend to start a website which you can later monetize it. Check out this page below will give a perfect reason to start a website and start making money within 6 month.

You’ll basically need hosting services to kick start a website, for which you’ve to invest. And you’ve to. There’s no better option.

Being a partner of Bluehost, I can offer you to buy Bluehost Hosting Service with easy to install WordPress at a pretty good discounted rate. Limited time.

And as always, you can ask me for help if you want. Contact me at [email protected]

Please share this blog post with your friends and family or on social media. I really put a lot of effort in researching, writing, managing stuff on this particular blog post. Just to help you guys find your online business ideas for college students.

And don’t forget to comment below. I am active. Waiting for your response. Ask me. Suggest me. Tell us who are you and what is your purpose. I would love to interact and follow up on the conversation.

Good Luck With Your Future Business

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