The Internet has created an opportunity to let everyone build their own digital asset that will be going return a high profit sooner and later.

And there’s no doubt that you aren’t aware of it. Something may holds you back from taking your very first step.

But today, I’m gonna take it to the next level, where you’ll be brainstorming several awesome digital asset suggestions.

No Prior Experience.
No Skills.

Doesn’t matter who you are, what your qualification is and where you live. You deserve to be part of it.

No bullshit.

Only practical stuff.

Have you ever read Rich Dad And Poor Dad ?

The book was written by Robert Kiyosaki. He nicely explained the difference between Asset And Liability. An asset is something that will bring money into your pocket and Liability take money away from your pocket.

But honestly, it was difficult for me to have or build assets in the very first place that return high in future.

So, I started digging deep into this. And came up with an idea to build my own internet-based digital asset.


Yes, creating my own online digital asset completely from scratch. I started brainstorming all the methods for myself. And then later, I decided to share with you.

Just before you get started, remember not all the methods discussed in this digital asset list, will work for you or me. Decide what best fits you, your skill set, and your personality.

And whatever you choose as digital asset that you’d love to have, require efforts, time and cost.

Blog Website – Simplest Internet-Based Digital Asset

If you are reading this, you certainly know that this is one of the blog posts. And not only you but there are also hundreds and thousands of visitors reading similar blog posts every day and every month.

So, I can consider my blog website as a internet-based digital asset.

I am sure you have little idea, How a blogs website make money ?

There are several ways to monetize a blog website like –

  • Running Ads
  • Running Sponsored Ads
  • Selling Your Digital Products
  • Affiliate Marketing

A blog website literally let you earn passive money, even while you sleep.

Every morning the first things I consider checking out the number of affiliate products my blog sold.

How much ad revenue my website generated yesterday?

Although, this is my new website so, the number of sales is quite less for now. But in every 2-3 days, someone buys from my affiliate link and I make income.

As the website grows older and starts ranking on the search engine, the number of visitors increases too, which results in an increase in affiliate sales. So, I won’t have to make an effort in selling any affiliate products or services.

The blog that I wrote in the first place to promote affiliate products does the work of selling.

So, once I put my one-time effort into writing a quality in-depth blog, this becomes my digital asset for life long. I can repeat the process with several different affiliate products.

Here is one example to show you that how a blog sell an affiliate services-

How to register a company in usa non-resident?

Another smartest way to make passive income from a blog website is to place Ads. I’m sure to have noticed when you visit any website, you get to see Google or other partner’s ads on the website.

Display Ads Placement On The Website

When visitor coming to the website and click to the ads on your website, then you’ll receive certain commission set by ads authority.

And here you have the other smartest opportunity to make passive income from the blog website. And there is no limit to how much you can make. The more website visitors you get on the website, the more revenue blog website generate.

And earning $100 Per Day is easy from these kinds of ads when get a lots of visitor on the blog website.

There are other multiple ways to monetize your blog website to generate revenue from multiple sources of income like writing sponsored articles where businesses will pay you to promote their products to your audience. The more website visitors you have the more you can charge.

You may even charge $5k for writing a promotional blog post. But that requires hard work for a pretty long time as well as niche and industry.

But interesting things to know that, even if you receive 5k visitors a month, which is quite easy to get, then you charge about $300 to $500 for writing a sponsored articles.

So, you can see that a blog website can be a great internet-based digital asset.

Everything discussed above is useless to dream, if you are not getting started today. It requires no skills and no technical knowledge.

Just get started ASAP. This can be a highly profitable online digital asset that you’ll be proud off.

And having a blog is fun, where because you’ll be appreciated and well-recognised by your audience.

To Get Started In Blogging, Here What You Need ?

You won’t have to invest huge to get started.

All you need a domain and hosting services.

You can buy domain from namecheap for about $8.88 for a year.

And you’ll need hosting services to host your website on the internet. I recommend Bluehost which is best for beginners, if you are getting started.

Bluehost Host For Beginn

Confused About Getting Started The Right Way

If you’ve no idea how to get started or how to build a blog website, simply how to get visitors to the new website, certainly you’ll need help in the beginning or you might mess up everything and accomplishing nothing.

You can find a lot paid and free resources from which you can learn blogging. But I highly recommend start by putting work into practicle. In this way, you’ll faster and practical.

Do not pay a huge amount to someone to teach you about blogging. You can literally find better free content on the web than the paid content.

If you still need help, you can find some you already know been into this field and gain substantial growth. Or you can reach out to me and consult to find out the best approach you should consider.

Here few things that’s matter, but one needs to start smartly with the right approach or else you’ll certainly give up.

  • How to get started?
  • Select the right profitable niches
  • Building an efficient and awesome blog website
  • SEO and ranking on the search
  • How to write well?
  • How and when to connect and network with others?
  • Finding Sponsorship
  • About affiliate marketing
  • Building your own products
  • Turn blog into service selling online business
  • Finally how to make money from it?

There are a lot of things that you needed to learn, build and implement. Internet does have a solution for each of the problems, but the problem is that this information is not in the right chronological order that will guide you the way you want or the capability you have.

A lot of beginners get frustrated in the initial days and waver in their every move or every decision they make. The main problem I can guess is that they have a doubt even if they’re doing great.

These beginners people have no one to support and guide them along their journey. And if this the case, I am calling on you to take one more step to get personalized help and monitoring your current work and the journey.

If you are planning and seeking to start into the blogging journey or simply if you’ve started, but completely stuck. Then you can reach out to me for help.

YouTube Channel : Video Digital Asset

No doubt, having a YouTube Channel is another video kind of digital asset. Video Consumption has been increased vastly and will rapidly grow in the future.

YouTube is one of the trending platforms where digital videos can be uploaded which results in making money and can be considered as a online asset too.

We know how YouTube channels can be monetized to generate revenue. This is the alternate to blogging. If you do not love writing, then you can consider this.

Although it’s not going to be easy though.

There are many reasons that let you think that YouTube is not the right option for you. You may have very hard feelings about the competition, or simply you don’t feel right getting in front of the camera, or you won’t able to manage to get started.

I understand. And I get it. This happens with me too.

I tried and I failed badly.

And there are reason behind it like –

  • Randomly uploading any videos and expecting to get views and subscribers
  • Downloading other’s video and making little changes by editing and re-uploading back.
  • wasn’t disclosing myself in front of the views.
  • No idea what the next 3-5 videos will be about.
  • Not consistent in uploading videos.
  • Expecting to get views from any audience, irrespective of the audience’s interest.
  • Focusing to somehow monetize my channel
  • Didn’t care about the value that I’ll be providing.

There a lot of new bizarre things I experienced during those two months when I started my YouTube channel. But after shutting down my channel, I’m reconsidering it. But this time, with well planning so that I bring value through the video whatever I’m good at.

I can easily guess, what kind of problem do you generally face when it comes to getting in front of the audience?

How To Make Videos ?

When I started exploring a bit, observing others’ videos and recommendations. I found that making a video isn’t that hard.

The hardest thing in the whole journey is to decide – ‘When To Get Started’ ?

If you’ve no idea about this – You’ll certainly be doing random things, and your viewer will not show any kind of interest or connection with you or your videos. Putting out random videos is the biggest mistake I have made. I was failing to make my viewers keep up with me.

When you have a clear vision that you want to make a certain type of video that resembles the specific pattern with each other, then things start to get easier.

Is that make sense?

SaaS-Based Platform Website : Easiest And Smartest Digital Asset

SaaS simply means ‘Software As A Service‘.

Oh, man! I can stress this enough. It’s literally booming right now. Even Google suggested that SaaS type of website make the most money from ads.

You might be wondering, if it involves software, then certainly be requiring programming or highly technical knowledge.

But trust me you are totally wrong here. You don’t even have to be highly technical enough and you won’t have to write a single line of code.

SaaS-based platform website is basically – Online Tool Site or website tool site

You might have used many online tools, and you have no idea about.

These online website tools can be anything –

  • Pdf converter
  • Image converter And Resize
  • Article Word Counter
  • Photo Editing Simple Website
  • Background Remove
  • Object Animator
  • Scheduling And Booking Appointment
  • Reminder
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Website Performance Checker
  • Website Issue checker
  • SEO Analysis Tools
  • Grammar Checking Tools
  • Plagiarism Detector

Etc. there are plenty of type of options.

And these simple SaaS type platform website make really good amount of passive money. And this type of website get a lot more visitors than any normal sites.

So, building yourself this type of SaaS based platform website which is smartest online digital asset I can believe.

And you don’t require highly technical knowledge. There is an easy way.

Real World Examples Of Digital Assets Investment

Simple SaaS Tools

Small SEO Tools is a great example. You can see in the image – Simple tools in the green box and multiple Google ads around. When visitors click o these ads, the website owner will make passive money. Even if the visitors didn’t click on the ads, the advertisers will still pay on the basis of per thousand impressions.

Let’s take another simple examples.

Internet-based Digital Asset

Everything is similar. Only the types of tools changes. And you the Google Ads around the tools.

Another Example of SaaS website tool :

Digital Asset List

From these example you can easily conclude they are making ethical making a heck a lot of money. And these money are passive.

And you can do that too. It’s not that hard. It will take a little time but eventually, you’ll thank me later for this amazing Digital Assets Investment suggestion.

I know you have a lot of question and problems related this, but everything can be figured out if you do take seriously and ask for help without hesitation.

Go ahead and think about this, if you have any problems or queries you can comment below or connect with me. I’ll be happy to help. If you need help in building this platform you still may ask for help.

How To Build And Launch SaaS-Based Platform Website ?

As I mention just, you don’t require to be highly technical and if you have basic fundamentals of computer and the internet. Then you nail it.

But at least, you should the right procedure or approach.

The process can be simply explain in 3 steps –

Get The Tool Source Code

Host The Tool On The Server

Put Ads (sponsored) Around It.

Promote it And Share the platform everywhere.

What Is Needed To Build The SaaS Platform ?

You don’t need a lot of investment to setup SaaS website platform. You’ll need three things to setup a platform :

  • Domain Name
  • Good Hosting Server
  • SaaS Tool

Domain Name – You can buy a domain name which basically www.YourPlatformWebsite.Com, from places like Godaddy or Namecheap. They also sell hosting services and will motivate to buy from them. But do not buy at any cost. They provide the cheapest hosting service but you’ll go to face a lot of trouble after you set up.

And there customer support sucks.

Hosting Service – For this type of platform, you’ll need reliable and really good hosting services. My recommendation is to consider BlueHost which is a best hosting service for beginners and their customer support is amazing. They literally involved themselves to help you out.

Best hosting Bluehost services

SaaS-Based Platform For Online Digital Asset:

SEO Tools :

These are some example of SaaS platform website that you can buy and host on the internet. Promote further to get enough traffic to the website. Once your website start getting enough visitors then you can plan to monetize your platform.

Make sure you focus to provide value to the visitors so that they come back later and recommend others. There hundreds and thousand of beneficial SaaS platforms, that you can buy for about $20 to $80, which is a one-time charge. Consider exploring more SaaS platform source code.

Need Any Help In Setting Up The SaaS Website Platform

I understand, many of you really want to setup and get started but don’t feel confident about taking the step. And there no problem in this. Little insecurity is okay. This will keep you safe from waste expanses.

For those, who really need help to setup the platform then you can connect with me.

Digital Products : Highly Profitable Digital Asset

Well, this digital online asset is one of my favorite parts of all. Because this is one of the highly profitable kinds of digital assets. Having digital products is like you own the products and there is no one in between to take a commission.

Before I can tell you something or anything, I would like to give reference about the types of digital products :

  • E-Book
  • Online Course
  • Software.
  • Video.
  • Audio and music.
  • Photography.
  • Graphics.
  • Digital art.
  • PDF documents.

I’m sure you keep interacting with these types of digital products on a daily basis. But do you know that a lot of people buy these types of digital products for their own use.

For example – Some who need to build documents in the pdf form, they need step by step instruction for which they can even pay.

Or Someone who is setting up their website, needs graphics, for which they used to pay.

The E-Book that educates the buyers about anything or skills, they would be interested in learning.

Incredible Benefit Of Having Digital Products Are :

  • Product is built once & can be sold lifetime
  • Not much cost & time is involved in selling extra copies.
  • Scalable without extra costs
  • Don’t have to worry about managing inventory
  • You get lots of flexibility
  • Scalable without extra time
  • Numbers of marketing methods

How To Get Started With Nothing ?

First of all decide which digital products you think you can actually make –

Example – If you can make a video, then a digital course is a great option if you can make an ebook, photography, videography, etc

Most people feels like they don’t have any skills to sell. But this is not the case for the majority.

Anything can be shared like-

  • You have any skills.
  • You are good at editing photos and videos.
  • You are a blogger.
  • You are good at mathematics or any subject
  • You are experts in SEO skills
  • If you have any kind of Marketing Skills
  • You are a fitness or Yoga freak.
  • You know how to cook special recipes.

Anything, can be sell if you present it the way like a products that provide value to the people.

So, think about it, if you find anything interesting that you turn into digital products, then think about getting started. And try to build for specific audiences that going to show interest in your products.

If you’re trying to sell everybody, you’ll winds up yourself selling to nobody.

I suggest Start from Building E-book, this is the easiest way to approach.

I use Sqribble to make beautiful e-book digital products.

Sqribble takes care of all the designs and templates that readily available. All you need to add content to it. And Sqribble software will turn into ebook digital products.

You can let me in the comment section, which digital products you are more interested in? And you can think you can make for yourself?

But something stopping you from it.

I would really love to help you if I need any or advice for you.

Websites Themes/Template : Best Online Asset For Developers

Do let me tell you, this type of digital asset is not for everyone. This requires coding and programming and highly technical knowledge to consider.

If you are not into the IT (information technology) industry and you do not hold coding knowledge, you can skip this section.

So, if you continuing to read further, I’ll assume you are into it.

Have you ever visited website like themeforest ? is a marketplace where you as a developer you can sell their website codes in the form of ready website templates and themes.

Software And Web Application :

Another great digital asset option for software developers, programmers, and IT people is to build software and web application.

The most significant reason for building software is that create something once and then sell the replica of software to an unlimited number of clients/customers or businesses. If it is a web application, you can provide services by giving the membership which will generate passive source on a monthly/yearly recurring basis.

What Type Of Software And Web Application Should You Build ?

Find a simple problem in the business and then build software products around that. When it comes to building software, it should definitely solve any kind of problem that the suspects are dealing with.

You may consider taking several examples from other works and products to brainstorm.

Make sure your software products worth paying off.

How To Monetize Software And Web Application ?

There are several ways to monetize your software and web application –

  • Put ads around the web application platform. But make sure it won’t trouble your users.
  • Freemium Model
  • Membership Model
  • Sell Software or web app with One-Time Charge
  • In-App Advertising

Android Games And General Apps:

In 2015, global android and iOS application revenues reached $70 billion. And by the end of 2016, this had risen to $88 billion.

Source : Tamoco

That’s a really significant rise in a single year. But if we take a look at predictions, by 2020, the global app revenue from mobile apps is set to hit $190 billion.

And this create an significant opportunity for any one.

Being, a app developer or investing in to the mobile apps is a smart decision.

You don’t need programming or coding knowledge to build android apps and games. If you are a little technical, just little then you are a great fit.

You can plan, research, and do a little bit of study about the step-by-step process to build such kinds of android games and general apps.

This can be one of the best digital assets that you can make effort to build, which will keep generating a passive source of income, even when while you sleep.

This is interesting for both developers or non-developers. I’m assuming, 98% of the visitors reading this, have no idea about programming knowledge or app development knowledge.

And I’ll keep in mind that. I’ll share some different aspects of apps development that you might consider even if you are not a programmer.

Before you read further, I’ve mention some eligibility which is basically are some criteria to consider.

  • You have no programming or coding knowledge at all.
  • But you are good at the fundamentals of computers.
  • You can fix and alter the change in code if you get any help.
  • You can follow and understand simply written documents of technical knowledge.
  • You can make little changes as per instruction.

In the beginning, you may find a little bit of difficulty while setting up everything thing. But after building just one android app and games and deploying it into the Google Play Store, you will feel a lot more confident, for the next one.

You can repeat the process, again and again, to build as many game apps as you can.

So, you might be wondering what about the money ?

How To Monetize Android Games Application ?

To earn money from android games apps, you have not many but few with strong option that you can use to earn money.

And this is so profitable that, if you start getting enough downloaded mobile apps then you can consider full time.

Before I show you some monetization method, I would like to check out this.

Source : Tamoco

Advertising is the foremost effective way than any other methods. And you’ll be using in-app advertising methods to make money.

There are 5 smartest ways to monetize your android mobile application –

  • In-app advertising
  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Affiliate Ads
  • Reward ads
  • Subscription and the Freemium model

If you you have used android app, then you know what I’m trying hard to tell you.

Have you notice, when you play the game on your phone or simply use any application, you get to see ads, that may be banners ads, native ads, or any other kinds of apps.

So, this is how you gonna make money.

But, how much money can you make ?

It depends on several factors. In general, the more apps you downloaded the chances you are earning will be high.

Mobile App Ads

How To Make Android Games Without Coding ?

Yes, this is possible. You can make an android game application. You don’t have to code the whole application. The method that I’m reveling here, requires only a little change at a certain place.

And this is basically called as Re-Skinning Apps, where you’ll be modifying the apps like icons, name of the apps, style, color, etc. as per your need.

Simple Games You Consider Buying

Adventure Hail
Zombies Hunter
Best Thorw
Taxi Flip
Hungry Bird Bang

Important Tips Before You Buying Any Android Games

Only buy those android games from codecanyon, which allow flexibility in putting your AdMob ads.

Some General Android Application

For General Android Apps, you can visit the page to find more cool general android app which you can build as digital asset.

Web-Based Browser Game Application :

This type of digital asset is similar to the Saas-based platform that we discussed above, where the process is much more likely to be similar.

Once you purchase the source code and you need to host it on the internet so that peoples can access it.

Here are some example of browser games –

Click Pong

Chain Reaction




There are millions of web-based browser games available to play. And these type of game platform receives tons of visitors.

So, you can monetize your platform by putting Ads, sponsored ads, affiliate ads. around the website smartly to get more impression and click.

If your game is getting good traffic and people are liking it. Then you can also add membership where you can allow premium members to enjoy more of your game.

You also ask as donation to main the game platform and keep it free to play for audience. Trust me this work. There are many people would love to donate.

Or Simply you can ask for very low amount like $1 to play one day.

There are multiple ways to monetize and earn passive income. But first, you’ve to think about providing value to the audience by building a really worth game website.

How To Make Web-Based Browser Game Platform As A Digital Asset ?

High-end browser games are generally developed by a programmer or company. If you arent’ not a game developer, then certainly you may not able to design a high-end browser gaming platform.

I really like the suggestion but I don’t know how to build a web-browser game platform And I don’t know how to code and I am not highly technical…Are there any alternative methods?

I get it.

You are not a game developer or coder. There are the majority of readers have no idea even how to take the very first step into it because they are completely deprived of technical aspects of game development.

The door of opportunity is close for you.

But by asking questions like – Is there any other alternative methods to this? Really, it’s open a door to the world of opportunity.

You don’t have to be a game designer or developer, nor even technical savvy. But there is a requirement of being a little technically So, that you can do some technical configuration stuff.

And you can easily learn. Anyone can easily learn. As you won’t have to deal with the source code of the game. All you’ve to

In brief method is very simple.

  • Buy ready-made game source code
  • And then host on the server.

Things You’ll Require To Build And Host The Game On The Internet

Domain Name :

You can buy domain name for Godaddy or namecheap. It’s quite cheap.

But never ever ever buy hosting services from them. Their service really sucks.

Good Hosting Service :

I always recommend Bluehost. Because they provide a lot of things for free which other hosting companies charge extra money like –

  • Free SSL
  • Caching Plugin
  • Bluehost SEO Tools
  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • Custom Theme
  • CDN Included
  • Free Domain

Game Source Code

Start with little internet research to find out what type of games are the best to consider.

Here are some examples, you would like to see –

Find In Space – Simple Browser Game Website

Box To Box Play Demo

Electrio – Demo Play

Affiliate Marketing : Profitable And Lifelong Digital Asset

Affiliate Marketing is another highly profitable digital asset. And I highly recommend consider this.

Because this can be your life-changing opportunity. So, don’t skip this part, even if you are a beginner and you don’t have any idea what the hell Affiliate Marketing is.

If you notice, many bloggers and peoples are recommending this method of earning online. Where you don’t own the products or services or manage inventory.

And I can’t deny that. Nobody can. Affiliate Marketing is the best method to earn real money. And this method of earning online is so reliable that you can consider making it the main source of income. And you may consider doing full-time as a career.

Many people are considering this opportunity these days. Because affiliate marketing has that potential and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

As I mention, you do not have to own the products or services or manage the inventory. Rather, your job is to only promote the products and services.

And when someone buys from your affiliate link which is provided by the coNmpany, then you’ll receive a fixed percentage of commission.

For Example :

start a company in canada

SEMrush is a keyword research tool used by millions of business and bloggers. This tool has quite amazing feature that allows peoples and businesses to conduct deep research to study the Google Search trends, search volume, competition, target customers or potential customers.

So, if you can join program like SEMrush then you can promote via your SEMrush Affiliate Link.

Under the SEMrush affiliate program –

If you help a company sell SEMrush Subscription then they are willing to give your $200 a commission, which is awesome. All you need to refer one business, and they end up buying from your affiliate link.

SEMrush is also willing to give you a commission of $10 for every free trial sign-up. In this, if any person and business signup for a trial that is free, then you earn $10.

This is an example of only one service. There are millions of products and services in almost every niche and industry. So, whatever you like, whichever you pick the products or services, and you can earn a commission promoting that particular product.

Businesses And Companies want sale. More sale.

Benefit is Incomparable With Other Type Of Digital Asset :

  • Boss Free Life
  • Free From 9 To 5 Jobs
  • Do Need To Take Orders From Others
  • Getting Rid of Boring Jobs
  • Highly Profitable Income
  • Free To Travel The World
  • Full Self-Motivation
  • The More Put Time & Plan Into It. The More You Earn
  • Unlimited Potential. No Limit How Much You Can Earn

Affiliate Marketing Can Be Your Highly Profitable Digital Asset

When it comes to digital asset, affiliate marketing is the best method because of being highly profitable.

If you promote through writing blogs, articles, or making YouTube videos, then these promotional mediums can work as evergreen, which will keep bringing you your affiliate customers.

Recurring Income Source Opportunities

You can find many services with a recurring affiliate program which simply means that you’ll keep getting a fixed percentage of commission every time the referral customer renews their previous purchase.

Which is why this is highly profitable.

To explain this,

Consider taking an example discussed above about SEMrush Affiliate Program.

I mention that the SEMrush will give you commission to bring customers for them. But I haven’t told you that yet if the same customer referred by you, renew their purchase after a month or year.

Then you entitled to receive 40% commission as a recurring.

Awesome ! Right…

Once you refer any customer, as long they remain their customers, you keep making money.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing ?

Remember, if anything involves that money, will automatically get wide attention. You are not the only one in the game.

There is an amazing opportunity in affiliate marketing, yet many fail. Because they overestimate it. And they don’t have any pre-plan of how they are going to execute.

The main reason behind not getting affiliate sales or enough affiliate sales for a period of time is that the person’s mindset. With the wrong mindset, you can’t achieve and keep struggling. And finally will give up.

If something doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean the system doesn’t work, It’s you.

If you are promoting affiliate products or services, you gonna have to consider yourself as a business. And you have to think like a businessman.

A businessman builds and implements strong strategies by putting them their effort, time, and money into them.

And building simple strategies is quite easy though. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. There are thousands of expert affiliate marketers who had shared their strategies. You can follow them exactly and replicate the strategies for your own good.

Most importantly, it’s trending nowadays. And many people prefer it as one of their digital asset finance and enjoy a regular pay reward every day even while they are sleeping.

Certainly, I’m not going to discuss how to get started, particularly in this blog. But definitely will cover this part and I’ll share my strategies too.

If you need help now, connect with me.

Digital Online Courses : Trending Digital MeAssets

Do you have any skills that you can share with others ?

It could be anything like –

  • Writing or Blogging
  • Marketing
  • SEO Skills
  • Website Designing
  • Social Network Experts
  • Cooking Skills
  • E-book Making
  • Video Making
  • Traveler
  • Work Management
  • Meditation And Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Skating
  • Drone Flying Skills
  • Fluency In Language
  • Fundamental Computer Skills
  • Programming Knowledge
  • Video Game Playing
  • Logo Designing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Social Post Graphics Designing
  • Photo/Video Editing Skills
  • Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Animation

The list is endless.

Most people overlook the skills they have and don’t realize it at all. And they believe that they don’t have any skills to share.

But everybody does. But it’s may possible that the skill you have is currently not well-polished or simply not ready to deliver.

5 Steps To Get Started Out Of Nothing :

  1. First, identify the skills you have – I cannot help you in this, neither suggest any alternate ways. You have to look out for yourself and identify the skill you have. Remember, It could be anything, so think with a different perspective.
  1. Find Other Mentors And Instructors – You have to clearly be known about what other instructors and mentors are teaching under the same skill you have. This is because you can clearly map out what you needed to learn and practice before you start getting. You may not want to skip any crucial part. So, find out. Explore several online courses, syllabus, index, what students are looking for, what should be the benefits that you think students should consider. Mention everything on the list. So that you can comprehend everything at one glance.
  1. Take Your Time To Learn And Prepare Yourself – Before you directly jump into it, I suggest prepare yourself first. Make sure you know what you are dealing with.
  1. Categorize Your Skills Based On The Level – Are you willing to teach someone beginners, mediate, or experts? I suggest start with beginners, this will motivate you enough to get prepare for the advanced course. So, that you can charge more.
  1. Decides The Online Course Type – What is the best option for you – to record the whole course and sell online or bring students to attend live classes with you, which is a 1-2-1 live session. Choose what best fits your need. Both have their own pros and cons. My suggestion is to choose what generally student opt-in. or which methods you are compatible with.
  1. How Your Target Audience Will Going To Find Your Digital Online Course – For a live-session course, you don’t require to host any course. You’ll need software that you can use to teach live. For recorded online courses, you have two 2 options – (1) Host on your own website (total earning into your pocket) (2) Host on an e-learning marketplace like udemy ( a percentage of commission will be deducted by the platform ). Decide, which fits your need. Or ask me what is the best option for you.
  1. How Your Target Audience Will Going To Find Your Digital Online Course – For a live-session course, you don’t require to host any course. You’ll need software that you can use to teach live. For recorded online courses, you have two 2 options – (1) Host on your own website (total earning into your pocket) (2) Host on an e-learning marketplace like Udemy ( a percentage of commission will be deducted by the platform ). Decide, which fits your need. Or ask me what is the best option for you.
  1. Promote Yourself And The Online Courses – To reach the right audience, you need to promote your online courses. There are two methods – (1) Free Method -If you have no budget in your hand, then you can consider this approach of promotion. But have patience, because the method takes time. Promote on social media networks like Facebook groups, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter. One of the easiest ways for a student, start making and uploading YouTube videos. Make sure you provide value first. (2) Paid Method – Promote your online courses with paid ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram.

Don’t give up. It you are not getting sale, even after several trial, for even month or more, then believe me it’s normal.

This happens with everybody, try a different approach. Make sure you provide value first, without knowing the value of the course no one going to consider.

Give them enough reason to enroll into the online course. Get students enroll for free classes.

Be genuine and bring yourself in front of the people. This build trust.

Book Publishing : Traditional Digital Asset But Yet Effective

This is the concept of creating something once and selling it unlimited times without any effort even if you are sleeping.

Same as publishing a book could be one of the best sources of passive earning to achieve financial independence.

Do you know that every book has the potential to become a low (but steady) income stream? 

You can just take an example of,

John Locke, who has sold millions of E-books on Amazon. And made more than a million dollars by selling $99 books did it exactly this way.

Now probably you will be thinking, How to make your self-written Books as a your own digital asset finance?

As someone has well said, once the book is written there is nothing that is more passive than book sales.

So, unless you’re already a celebrity or best-selling author. You have to do a little lifting when it comes to promoting your books.

For instance,

Follow Some Tricks To Promote Your Book : And Generate Digital Assets Finance

1.Create a video trailer: A book is nothing more than a movie you play in your mind. Create a short video trailer to get people excited about your book. You can use tools like Adobe SparkAnimoto, or Magisto.

2.Do a virtual book tour: In addition to sending copies of your book to book reviewers, visit book review sites like Goodreads. Similarly, create a list of podcasts, tweet chats, and Facebook live sessions. 

3.Create a Facebook Group or Fan Page: Create a space where your audience, fans, and potential readers can engage with you, which will help to build your customer.

4.Build a website: You can create a simple book or author website on your own for less than $100. Invest in great design, book image, and headshots.

You can also give some free content such as a table of contents, a chapter or two, or even better — create a series of downloadable resources and tools for your audience.

These items are just the tips to promote your book because authors who know how to leverage their content make passive money with less work. 

Animation And Short Movies : Digital Media Digital-Based Asset List

Animation And Short movies can be another great digital asset But really require a lot of hard work and skills to achieve. Once you’ve learned the animation skills, you have a lot of opportunities falling into your lap.

There high demand for animator professionals. If you can learn animation then you can build your own short animation movies or promotional animation movies for other business products and services.

But learning animation skills is challenging stuff. It requires dedication to learning and practicing. But eventually worth your effort.

How To Get Started As A Beginners ?

If you want to get started, then start with planning. Take simple steps to determine whether you can continue with it. Because a lot of people gave up on the journey.

To get started, I suggest starting with very simple animation software, play around and try to make something cool, something that you can share with the audiences, and get feedback, learn about the audience interest, and how they react. Based on that, take the next steps to leverage the skill.

Three Important Suggestion

  • Learn practically
  • Get results fast by simple animation and video – it could be around 15 sec to 3 minutes.
  • Don’t run after perfection in the beginning
  • Build your portfolio and join social network

Software That You Consider As A Beginner


Source : RenderForest

These software discussed above is just to get started and confidence. You can not create whole short animation movie because there is limitation in these software.

The story animation must goest how you think and plan, ot the way software offers.

By that I simply , you’ll eventually learn to build own characters, environment and story. And you can do this once you get a enough confidence and learn about the audience interest.

Advanced Animation Software (Not Recommended For Beginner)


Here is one example of animation video made in blender. Check out.

If you have watched the video, I’m sure you are totally blown away. It’s seems like impossible to make such kind of animation.

Well this is very advanced level, whole team is involved behind the this animation video.

As a beginner, you’ll making simple stuffs. And as you get experience, you can decide later.

Wondering How Can You Make Money Passively With This Suggestion ?

No doubt ! This one is extremely difficult.

Making whole animation short movies or video is sounds like impossible to many. But if you think in an alternative way, then you possibly discover more ways to make money passively.

For example – If you learn even a simple skills of making animation or blender, then you can share with other. You can create digital course and e-book sell online.

Learn animation, video making, video editing and then teach others.

Try Speechelo : Real Human Voice Over

Listen this –

Amazing right !

This voice is generated by Speechelo software. It’s sounds real. Isn’t it beneficial ?

There are more options to change voice-over. If you are planning to make a video for YouTube or anything, and you are getting trouble in recoding perfect voice then you can use the software to voice over your video.

There are many options including free. And I have tried many, but all sound like AI and computer-generated voice. But Speechelo has an amazing human-like voice.

You can get the software for a lifetime. This software will help you in your video-making journey or starting a YouTube Journey.

Entertainment Media : Digital Asset For Talented Peoples

Music and Songs can another great digital asset to those can loves creating music and songs. The entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.

There is royalty bound to creating entertainment media like songs, lyrics, movies etc.. This is not for everybody of course.

But even if you got expert skills in things like –

Playing Instrument :

Sell a digital course on your website, or platform like Udemy.

Use social media like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook to promote your skills based personal coaching courses.

Short Movies :

If you have knowledge in movie making, then you can create simple short movies. That will bring fortune to you. As well gives abundant opportunities to take a career to the next level.

Certainly, I do not understand, how the entertainment industry works. But I can see there are a lot more opportunities for those who got skills and talent.

Story Creator : Digital Asset For Story Lover

Do you love creating story ?

It could be anything like – fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, sci-fy, ghost story, love story, etc.

Today’s readers are more eager than ever to “read short stories.” because little stories are paying off in a big way nowadays.

Print anthologies are also a fantastic way for newer authors to break onto bookshelves.


Stories are models of concision, can be read in one sitting, and are infinitely downloadable and easily consumed on screens

Amber Dermont – Bestselling Short Story Wirter


There are showcases for short fiction where you can start building a fan base before you publish a novel.

For example,

Wattpad ( Which permits all users to upload their stories, free for other users to read.

Readwave ( which shares “3-minute stories” written by users.

You can also build your short story on a kindle and sell it on amazon. Further promoting short fiction with a Short reads section and get paid for every single copy sold for a lifetime.

QnA Platform or Forums Website :

QnA platforms or forums website platforms are generally community oriented platform where audience of similar interest create discussion, ask question, help each other by providing solution.

This type of platforms gives opportunities to build network of peoples of similar interest and skill set.

Take an example of Quora – cofounder and CEO Adam D’Angelo got his start at Facebook, where he was CTO.

Another example is Reddit

These two platforms Quora And Reddit receive multi-millions of visitors every day. There are several other platforms that receive millions of visitors every day.

This literally becomes a type business. And in the beginning, consider this as a complete business and when you gain enough audience then you can monetize your platform and make passive income daily.

So, in my suggestion and as per my research, there is an opportunities still exist. And you can tap into it.

You have be build your own QnA and forum platform and promote further to bring audience on the platform.

Why The Audience Will Consider Sharing Thoughts On Your Platform ?

You might be wondering this. And this the right question to ask. Why someone will join your platform.

And this is the catch that you have to solve. You need a strong reason to give your audience why they should consider joining your new platform.

If you fail. Your platform certainly fail.

This requires effort and strong but eventually gives you a highly profitable digital asset that keeps generating fuck load of money.

Who Should Consider This Type Of Digital Asset ?


But make sure you do plan well.

As suggestion, do not create general forum type platform, audience won’t care about.

Be specific to any niches like

  • Money Making Forum Sites
  • Programming QnA platform
  • Food professional forums
  • Business or Startup Forums

Consider niches what you understand most.
Make sure you take care of your QnA or forum platform from spammer or scammer.

How To Build QnA or Forum Platform Website ?

I’m considering that you don’t have enough budget as well as programming skills, that generally require to build such kind of platform website.

But no worries !

I have an alternate option for you.

Go for WordPress.

WordPress is CMS platform which allows building your website without having coding knowledge. You can use WordPress CMS to build your very efficient QnA/forums platform easily.

You can also enhance several features using WordPress free plugins.

Note : Do not consider any service solution offered by any company, build your independent platform that you can own. Otherwise you’ll be always dependent on other service provider and they keep taking advantage from your platform.

WordPress will gives you flexibility and total ownership.

If you need help in building the QnA or Forum platform, and you need help in planning or building a platform website. Then you may seek help from me.

Build QnA And Forum Business

What Are The Pre-Requirement And The Cost ?

About the cost, this requires a little amount of money to set things up. Consider it under $500 (one-time), if you follow my suggestion.

Here are few things that will be required to build QnA/Forum website –

  • Domain
  • Reliable Hosting
  • Pre-Built Ready Template Source Code

Reliable Hosting Service –

Invest in really good and reliable hosting services. Don’t make mistake here, you are building platform for your audience. You don’t make their experience painful.

Your first experience matter most in this. So be careful.

[Chemicloud Affiliate ]

If you have less budget, then you can consider Bluehost service provider. They are reliable and their customer support is quite amazing.

Bluehost Service Provider

Pre-Built Ready Template Source Code

Don’t go for free. You’ll end up losing everything.

It only requires a $50 – $80 one-time charge to get premium and awesome looking, with abundant important features for your platform website.

Using plugins with any website template it gives the user a bad experience And they end up visiting or spending time on your site.

Make your platform look more comfortable.

Pre-Built Ready Template For QnA And Forums Platform Website

Metafans Community

Metafans Community, I have personally purchased a template in the past. And I was happy with my decision. The platform was pretty fast and look damn awesome.

And on mobile and tabs, the structure gives a feeling of using application. You can go for it. Take a look.

Specification :

  • Light And Dark Mode Features
  • Sign In, Sign Up, And Password Reset
  • Built for Multi-user
  • Highly Interactive and Intuitive
  • Multiple-Design To Choose From
  • Demo Data Free
  • Help And Support
  • Fast And Well Structured Platform

Setup Complete Platform With One Time Investment of – $34 (discounted Price) and actual price $49


Very clean, good looking and fast WordPress Template.

Specification :

  • Every east to install
  • Demo data available
  • Fast And Device Responsive
  • Sleek Design to give an awesome experience
  • Help And Support
  • Multiple-Design
  • Sign in, Sign up and reset password features

Setup Complete Platform With One Time Investment of – $49

  • Most downloaded,
  • Sleek design
  • Responsive to any device
  • Fast
  • Demo Data Available
  • Multiple Features
  • Multi-User platform
  • Sign in, Sign up and reset password feature

Conclusion :

conclusion on pi network

This list isn’t a complete recommendation. I tried mentioning all the possibilities of creating and building digital assets for every people with a different skill set.

I have no ideas about your circumstance, about your skill, your patience, and your determination level, your interest so, I can’t tell you which one best fits you until you talk to me 1 one 1.

Consider it your job. Take your time to find what’s best for you, what’s most excite you, and which suggestions from this digital asset list match your style and interest.

You may need further help in picking the best digital asset option, I am open to helping, as I love helping people in figuring out the solution for their problems. So, you can shoot me a message regarding this.


I personally only own 5 of the 18 asset classes listed below and I’m working on them. As some of them don’t make sense to me (at least at this point in time).

Therefore, I strongly advise you to evaluate this digital asset list carefully before adding/removing anything from your picklist.

And jump into it.

It’s challenging but full of self adventure and fun. Your one move today will later open numerous doors to the world of opportunity.

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If you have read this so far, then don’t go without leaving your mark here. Share your thoughts, any suggestion, or anything. I would love to have a conversation with you.

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