Zion Builder has finally launched in the market and gaining a lot of attention because they’re currently offering lifetime WordPress page builder deals for customers.

But should you consider buying the Zion builder – Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool?

To find out this,

I have focussed on some of the important key aspects of the Zion website builder tool’s features, performance, and pricing plans. And through this post, you can easily decide whether you should buy or not.

If you consider purchasing Zion Builder – Lifetime WordPress Page builder, then I will share the 40% discount link which you can find at the end of the post.

I highly suggest, to go through this post once, before making purchasing decision to find out if Zion Page Builder is suitable for your need or not.

Zion Builder : Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

Zion Builder is just like any other page builder. And it is specifically designed for WordPress CMS.

If you are using WordPress to build your website or landing pages, then you might struggle to improve the speed of the website.

WordPress CMS is far better than any other CMS, but there is a dark aspect of using WordPress.

And that is Load Speed.

If you have used WordPress, then you might know what I’m hinting at. We all struggle to fix the load speed of our website or page and this is a tough task.

This is the major problem all WordPress developers and designers struggle to achieve.

Many organizations, companies came forwarded to solve these issues with their approach and methods. Some are developing plugins, some are developing themes, some enhancing hosting and some are developing complete website page builders.

The cause of heavy Load Speed of the website or any web page is influence by many factors, it does not depend only on page builder.

For example – If are using a hosting service like Godday or Hostgator, and expecting to have high performance and speed website then this is going to be incredibly difficult.

That’s the reason why I suggest using this –

Bluehost Hosting Service: In case if you have a low budget.

Cloudways: In case if you have are business or e-commerce,

I’ll stick to the purpose of this blog for now.

What’s Special About Zion Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool Than Others ?

What I like most about the Zion Page Builder is that they did their best in solving the problem of the load speed of the website or web page.

There is a need for high-performance tools like Zion Builder.

But, what makes Zion Page Builder special?

Let’s find out before you decide to find any other alternative to zion page builder or buy this one.

Zion Page Builder Optimized For Google Core Update

Drag and Drop page builder Tools

The new Google Core Update is crucial and far important than any other thing. No matter what tools or technologies you use for your website. If you cannot achieve the desired result then certainly you need to take steps.

Google wants your website to be Optimized for Google Core Update. Under the new Google Update Core, there are several backend and technical issues that individuals should consider fixing and optimizing for.

Google core update forces website owners to work to improve their websites or web page in order to have a better page speed score.

You can improve your page speed score by tweaking several things, but choosing a good page builder also plays a vital role.

There are many website builders or page builders that can increase the load speed of the website by adding unnecessary Javascript code or not optimized code into the backend of the website. And you’ll never get to know what’s causing the increase in the load time of the website.

To improve the page speed score, you’ll certainly have to hire a developer to optimize the backend code or remove the unnecessary code.

So, it gives one of the crucial reasons to spend some time and cost in getting a really good website or page builder like Zion Page Builder.

No Coding. No Technical Understanding. No Problems

In case if you do not have coding knowledge or technical knowledge then Zion Page Builder can be your best option.

Because Zion Page Builder is easy to use tools that allow you to build a website or web page with complete drag and drop features for the non-tech savvy.

Generally, to build the website or web page for your products or web page of your services, we have to depend on the designer and developer. And that’s not it. For any regular changes or maintenance of the website or web pages, you’ll need your developer guy.

This will keep costing you periodically or monthly as an employee salary.

Web page builders like Zion, which is giving you a lifetime deal can solve your problem and your burden.

So, what need is –

  • A decision to buy this lifetime deal or any other alternative.
  • Few hours or learning to use the Zion web page builder.
  • Few hours to build your web page or website.

Having a tool like this is like having a best friend which supports you, eases your work, takes your burden, and helps you all along your journey.

Performance Of A Lifetime WordPress Zion Page Builder Tool

Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

When talking about the performance of Zion page builder – the Zion builder team’s strong promise to give a higher performance because their main motive to bring these tools is to enhance the WordPress performance of a website/web page that others are failing to achieve.

And I did a little bit of research to find out. And yes, they are saying true. Here is some test they have done and got the amazing result, which generally people like me seeking to have these score.

Zion Builder Result For Desktop Site Performance On Googel Page Insight

Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

Zion Builder Result For Mobile Site Performance On Googel Page Insight

Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

Zion Builder Result On GtMetrix Performance

Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

Zion Builder Result On Pingdom Tools Performance

Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

Crucial Features of Zion Page Buidler

Theme-Builder :

Drag and Drop page builder Tools

Zion Page Builder allows you to build a complete theme for your website. You can use the theme to create multiple pages on a single website with little tweaks and changes.

The theme gives website visitors a consistent experience while navigating to different pages on the same website.

Drag And Drop :

Drag and Drop page builder Tools

Drag and Drop features are quite common these days. A lot of websites or page builders are providing these features. I wouldn’t be suggesting you this tool or use myself if Zion Builder does not provide these features.

Hopefully, it does.

So you don’t require to be tech-savvy. You can just buy the website builder and get started.

The company has also created some short tutorials that you can follow to build your step-by-step.

Pre-Design Templates :

Zion Page Builder

Zion Page

Zion Page Builder is so handy website builder tool that it gives users the opportunity to design their website completely right from the scratch, where you can drag and drop several cool elements, images, and styles to build your website or web page.

You can play around with the Zion page builder and comes up with something creative.

But in case, if you do not want to build from scratch, then there is also a good opportunity. You do not necessarily have to build out of nothing. Rather you can use pre-design templates.

Pre-design templates are designed by by-products experts and saved in the library for people like us to use. After you purchase and you can use the thousand Zion builder pre-design templates for your site.

All you need to just select the best that pre-design template that suits you, your needs, and your business need. After selecting the Zion builder template, you’ll tweak some changes like logo, title heading, image, background, fonts, etc.

You have 100% control of the changes for your web page or website.

So, I’d appreciate the Zion builder tools for these features, which made the task of non-tech more easy and more fun to work with.

WooCommerce Builder :

Drag and Drop page builder Tools

Building an e-commerce website is an incredibly difficult task and I’m sure might be nodding right now. But what if I tell you Zion page builder has come up with an e-commerce solution too.

If you ever wanted to sell something online but you have a limited budget, or you want to start your own e-commerce business but you lack the knowledge to build a really efficient e-commerce website that handles everything like

  • product page,
  • add to cart button,
  • wishlist features,
  • e-commerce payment solution for buyers, etc.
  • Coupons and offer features
  • product delivery trackking features.

Back then, it was difficult.

Yes, there are different solutions like plugins or third-party which can help you set up your e-commerce site, but the question arises – Are they reliable to handle my e-commerce business?

Zion Builder tool came up with the WooCommerce builder feature, which will allow you can set up an e-commerce store with the Zion Builder very easily and efficiently.

Isn’t that cool?

You don’t require anyone to build for your business. All you need is a little time to get acquainted with the process of setting up your e-commerce store on the website.

Scroll Animation

Animation is cool. Animation attracts website visitors and lets them engage in a more eye-catching manner.

Not many page builder gives you these features to set animation on the website. Making an appealing website is beneficial these days because the audience is influenced by it.

So, having scroll animation features of Zion Page builder is another great reason why I should consider Zion Page Builder?

Others Features You’ll Get With Zion Page Builder :

There are several other features that you’ll be needing while building the web page or website. And you can find all the features on their sales page, listed in a more descriptive manner.

If you want then you can consider reading all of that in detail. But for now, I’m just listing some more features that you’ll receive in a lifetime deal.

  • Library of Elements – to Be used on the website
  • Header & Footer Builder – helps you design better header and footer section
  • Blog Post Designer – design your blogs to give website blog reader a good experience
  • Dynamic Data Content – To load content dynamically
  • Modal Builder – design your Pop Up to gather contact detail of website visitors
  • Slider Builder – Use slider to slide element in a more faishoable way to better appealing

There are still many, but it is not a good idea to discuss those here. While building a website or web page with the Zion builder tool, you’ll certainly be going to use those features.

Unlimited Website And Web Page With Zion Page Builder

Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

Here is one great offer from my Zion builder company, and you’ll love to have this website builder tool.

This lifetime deal is not for one website or one web page, if you’ve planned to purchase this website builder tools, then you can build as many as website and web pages your can.

You never to have pay for building a website or web page ever again. And this is so awesome. I haven’t found a deal like this before and this is the main reason to let you know about this amazing newly launched Zion Page Builder.

There are only a few companies who do this and give such kind of amazing deals. And I will share the alternate to this in the last.

Does Buying Zion Page Builder Is Worth It ?

of course yes. In case if you are non-tech savvy.

In case if you are seeking a drag and drop, or pre-design built a template for your webpage.

In case, if you have a low budget, or you want to have a lifetime deal. Then this can be one of the best decisions.

Certainly, I have given enough reason above why you should consider purchasing Zion Page Builder.

Do you want to find out If Zion Page Builder Has Any Disadvantages?

Me too.

There are some cons of Zion page builder, just like other tools. Nothing can be 100% perfect.

Like –

  • Accessibility (WCAG and ADA compliance)
  • Inaccurate preview on smaller screens
  • Less User Friendly

One thing that will little matter to you is that when you have no idea about HTML and CSS. This is quite easy to understand. While working with the Zion page builder tool, sometimes you have to move to HTML and CSS code section, to make some tweaks in the file.

But I don’t think so this ain’t going to make much difference. And you shouldn’t count everything up to date.

All you need a good looking and higher performance website that does work amazingly for you and your website, without costing you more.

Should I buy Zion Builder ? Does Zion Builder Worth Buying ? Review Zion Builder

In simple terms, anyone can buy. There is literally no boundary. If you need a website or page builder, then you can simply buy this or another alternative.

This page builder is a good option when you are ready to make some changes in HTML and CSS, which is way easier than you can imagine. You can find a ton of solutions on the web and also ask for support from the company itself.

You should consider this if you want to create many websites and any web page.

You should consider this Zion page builder tool when you are non-technical.

Take a look at the features, and try to find out why this website/page builder tool is a great option.

Pricing Plans With Money Back Gurantee

There are 4 plans for Zion builder.

Here, what you need to know about each plans –

Actual Price – $49 Actual Price – $99 Actual Price – $199 Actual Price – $249
Discount Price – $29 Discount Price – $69 Discount Price – $149 Discount Price – $249
Pay Per Year To Renew Pay Per Year To Renew Pay Per Year To Renew Lifetime Deal
Only 1 Website Only 1 Website Unlimited Website Unlimited Website
All Features All Features All Features All Features

If you ask me for a recommendation, I will suggest getting the Zionbuilder for a lifetime. It cost a little more than other plans but again you won’t have to pay ever.

Zion Website Builder tools are totally yours.

With other plans, you’ll have managed to pay every year. Lifetime is way better than any other plan.

Did you know you can recover the money in 1 week with my tricks?

Ask me at [email protected] and this is applicable for the plan which doesn’t require you to pay every year.

Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

Summary of Plans And Features

Lifetime access to Zion Builder

You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase

All future plan updates

Please note: this deal is not stackable

60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason


Pro Library Templates & Library Elements

Pro Zion Builder Elements

Custom fonts & icons

Theme Builder, Header/Footer Builder, Mega-Menu

Blog Archive & Post Builder, WooCommerce Builder

Dynamic Data Content, Repeater Functionality

Modal & Slider Builder, Child Selectors

White Label

Support & Updates

Support, Update And Money Back Gurantees From Zion Website Builder

Customers will receive 24/7 hrs support.

Any future update will not be going to cost you ever.

Zion Page Builder gives 30-days 100% Money Back Guarantees. Once if you purchase but unfortunately if you don’t find working for you or your business then you can reach out to the team and ask for money back with the 60-days time period, which is way enough to play around and test everything.

If you need any page or website builder, then I think this ain’t going to upset you more likely. But still, you have the option to get your money back.

So, don’t forget to take action. I am having a good time with the page builder till now. And it stands out my every expectation and needs till now.

Zion Builder Customer’s Reviews – Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool ?

Lifetime WordPress Page Builder Tool

So, what Zion users are saying about the Zion page builder? You may like to read some of them –

Just in initial building stages but so far impressed! Other than Weblium builds, I’ve outsourced all of my client’s website needs. With Zion I’m feeling confident that once I get up to speed I will no longer need to outsource WordPress sites leaving more profit in my pocket! Not to mention faster and leaner websites to maintain. The Zion community group is very helpful and active. This tool will no doubt go in my best AppSumo finds folder.


 use Elementor and Brizy to build websites but this builder is crazy. It loads really fast. No regrets about purchasing this. Should grab it before it’s out. Thanks for building this. Need to get used to this but happy of the purchase. After all it is about ROI for clients and the important thing is the website brings sales for site owners. Other builders are too expensive, yes they have established names but this one has a great potential and I trust the team as I can see that they are actively developing the app.

HellowD, Verified Purchaser

With Zion Builder I´m back to working with wordpress because it saves me time and it´s fast! I like how I could create different headers and footers for different pages in just minutes after watching the 8 minute tutorial. It works with my current theme so I also give 5 Tacos! Try it!

Jiguel, Verified Purchaser

I was convinced to give it a try when I saw a heavy Oxygen user suggested to do so. It doesn’t let me down. I’m very happy with this purchase. This is more intuitive and faster than Oxygen. I’ve been a heavy Oxygen user, and before that, I thought Elementor was the best thing since the creation of WordPress. Building websites will be simpler and with greater results. I also confirm it’s like a combination of Divi and Oxygen. It outperforms every aspect of Elementor. Simply give it a try and you won’t regret.

Gaius, Verififed Purchaser

And there are more than 100s positive A+ reviews.

Grab The 40% Discount Rate From Below Refferal

If you’ve made up your mind to purchase Zionbuilder then, I suggest grabbing the deal first. Zion Builder is recently launched so they are giving some initial buyers huge discounts.

Anytime they can remove the discount. So, if you are making a decision then do it ASAP. Below, I have added a link that will take you to the page where you can see a 40% discount and everything that you need to know before buying.

Do You Need A Marketing And SEO Tools With The Website Builder Tool ?

I understand there are many peoples who want to kick start their online business or simply take their offline business to the internet.

You might be a college student, housewife, or anyone who is trying to take their business online without hassle in their budget.

But there might be a problem, you are required to buy so many things, software, marketing tools, website builder, email marketing tool, email list builder, Keyword research tools, SEO tools, hosting services, so on

If this is the case, if you are tech-savvy as well as you have a limited budget, you simply cannot buy all those tools discussed above then I have come up with a really wonderful option especially for you.

This tool is considered as ‘All In One Tool‘ and you have no idea about it.

A million Businesses from small to big enterprises around the globe are using these tools. You’ll thank me later for this suggestion.


Zionbuilder is a lightning-fast website/page builder for WordPress. It comes with every feature you need to run a website or e-commerce website.

If you are seeking any other alternative then I definitely recommend reading about GetResponse New Launched Website Builder.

If you want to know how you can easily recover the money you invest in purchasing these tools, then you can reach out to me at [email protected]simplifiedblogs.com

Share this blog with your friends and help them discover the awesome lifetime deals currently going on.

If you do have any questions or want to share your feedback, please comment below. I would love to have a discussion on this.