Do you know that you can make money with TARTLE by selling your data?

It’s true.

Tartle marketplace is a platform that allows you to sell your data at your will and make some quick bucks without sacrificing enough time and effort.

And in this post, I’m going to tell you how you can make money from Tartle without investing a single penny.

But first, if you don’t know what exactly TARTLE Is?

In simple words, TARTLE is a marketplace to buy and sell data. It allows data to be shared in a controlled and legit manner, where data and information are only shared with the seekers through proper permission from the data owner, for the sake of money in return.

There’s much more than this to explain about TARTLE and its vision. But for now, I’ll be stick to the purpose of the post and tell you to step by step – How to earn money from

Consider reading step by step, or else you’ll get confused. You may like to take action along with me to get started right now.

Get Started With TARTLE To Earn Money From

Getting started with Tartle and earning money from Tartle is a very straightforward process. But still many find difficulty in understanding and proceeding to make money with Tartle.

There is a general idea and steps behind making money with tartle, that you need to follow every time. And I’ll be explaining this post.

Before I start explaining the methods to earn from tartle, make sure you sign up and logged into your account. The steps to signup with Tartle are pretty easy.

There are only three steps:

  • Setup Account
  • Confirm Your Account
  • Get Ready To Earn

So, to sign up and create an account with Tartle, head toward the Tartle official website.

TARTLE Make money with Tartle
Credit : Tartle.Co

The Next Step Before Making Money With Tartle

Here, I’m expecting you to have created an account with Tartle, verified your account, and logged in.

When you are logged in you’ll be redirected to the home page of the account which is see something like this –

Well, you can watch the video here and proceed by yourself. But I’m asking you to follow my easy-defined step which I prefer to quickly get ready to make money with tartle.

At this step, I can guide you to take the next step to make money with tartle, but before you that I would like to share the general ideas behind Tartle.

So, that you can know what you are doing. And you are totally sole responsible for your decision.

The General Ideas Behind Sharing Data And Earning Money From Tartle.Co

As I said above, the ideas behind to make money from tartle are straightforward.

The general idea behind all of this is that – the more the data packets that you fill out truthfully within any data categories, the higher the opportunity for someone/bidder to bid and buy your data.

In simple words,

Tartle through their platform will ask you to share the data in varieties of categories and these categories are basically Data Category.

Category can be anything, currently, the Tartle platform is offering 21 categories that you can consider filling, sharing, and letting bidders bid on your data.

Data Category : Which You Can Share To Make Money With Tartle

Here are all the data categories available. You are free to choose which one to share and which one not. In case, if you do feel insecure about sharing any particular information then simply leave to other categories options.

Data Packets : Share Packets To Earn Money From Tartle

Once you choose the preferred data category – then you will be asked to choose the preferred data packets.

Each Data Category contains several multiple Data Packets. For Example –

Integration Data Category contains these data packets –

Again there are several multiple types of data packets are available to choose from. You are free to choose any one of them or all.

Once you choose the data packet in any data category, fill up the data and sync the data. Save and publish to allow bidders to bid on the data you shared.

The General Steps To Make Money With Tartle

Step : 1

Select a Category, once you’re in that category

Step : 2

Select the Data Packet itself.

Step : 3

Fill/Sync in the data.

Step : 4

Save the data and Publish it.

Let’s Take An Example – How I Can Make Money On Tartle Marketplace ?

To help you better understand, I am taking a live example of how I proceed right after creating and verifying my Tartle Account.

Step 1 : Selecting Data Category From Discover Menu

Clicking on the Discover Menu to open the list of Data Categories.

You can follow up on the image and proceed with me together.

In the above screenshot, you can see that there are many Data Category is available to choose from. For this example, I’m considering a Data Category of – Travel

Let see what data packets come under the data category – Travel.

Step 3 : Selecting The Appropriate Data Packet From The Data Category Travel

For this example – I am taking Travel Packets 2 as an example.

Inside any data category, you’ll see three things –

  • Never Opened Packets.
  • Incomplete Packets.
  • Complete and Save packets to publish them.

It’s quite easy to understand this. Whichever data packets in any data category I will be completing. And by completing I mean – Fills up the data, saved the data, and publishes the data.

Data Packets will be going appear in the section called ‘Complete and Save Packet To Publish Them‘.

As you start with any data packets, complete and incomplete, they will appear in the assign section.


To make money by sharing data with tartle, you have to fill up your data into the data packets in any concerned packets.

Filling wrong information and dummy data will certainly not going to work out. No bidders going to bid on your data and you won’t be making money with tartle. So, be authentic and fill in appropriate data and information in the data packets.

If you are insecure about sharing any specific type of data or information, then you can leave and find some other data packets options.

For this example, I considered filling the data packet by the name of ‘Travel Packet 2 Airline Travel Vacation Propensity‘.

Step 4 : Save And Publish The Data Packet Called ‘Travel Packet 2’

Before saving this data travel packet ‘Travel Packet 2‘ it’s asking for packet configuration. This configuration includes :

Make sure you confirm checking the last one which is ‘PUBLISH SETTING: Publish this packet for buyers to bid on‘.

Leave the second configuration which is ‘Donation Setting‘ as it is.

Check the first configuration ‘AUTOSELL SETTINGS‘ if you want to sell the data when the bid is received. I recommend don’t. But be active. When you receive any bid on any data packet and packet then you will have full control over whether to sell or not. Because the bid might be low from your expectation.

If you do notice above, the data packet ‘Travel Packet 2’ that I just filled above si appearing in the ‘Published Packets‘. And now, the bidders or buyers can able see and bid on the data published or simply shared by you.

Data Packet ‘Travel Packet 4’ that I started but haven’t completed is appearing in the section ‘Incomplete Packets‘.

And the rest data packets that I haven’t considered yet are still in the section ‘Never Opened Packets‘.

And you have done. You have to repeat the steps with several other data packets under each data category.

Check Your Bids Now

To check your bids, visit the bids page as instructed above.

Initially, when you get started it looks something like this screenshot image above. When you don’t receive any bid for your data packet.

And when you start receiving bids for your data packets for any data category, then it’s looks something like this –

To Check How Much Buyers Willing To Pay For Any Particular Data Packet

Simply, click the green cart icon next to each data packet for which you have received a bid.

Current Market Value is the current price for that bid. And

Bids In’ is how much someone’s willing to buy it from you.

In my case, they’re looking to buy it off me for $1.

To Sell And Earn Money From Tartle That Data Packet To Bidder

If you want to sell the data packet for the bid that you’ve received, is simply click on the ‘Sell‘ button next to the data packet as instructed in the screenshot image below.

To Earn More Money From Tartle Platform You Need To Do This

Your general focus when you come and join the Tartle Marketplace for the first time is to go through these data categories that are relevant to you and fill these data packets out as truthfully as possible.

And in doing so, it will increase your ability to make money from Tartle marketplace.

Repeat the process, consider as many Data Categories and Data Packet you can. Take your time and fill in the data and publish it for bidders to bid.


conclusion on pi network

If you have read so far, then here you’ll be like – huh…It’s quite easy to make money on tartle.😎

Go ahead. Get started and earn money from the Tartle marketplace, without investing a single penny.

If you really find this post easy to follow up with, then please do share it on your social network with others. It really means a lot.

Are you getting started with Tartle to earn money?

Just let me know by commenting below, it won’t cost you money, I’m excited to have a discussion on this.

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