After pressing a giant reset button to innovate technology – A Carl Pei’s Tech Company came up with NOTHING.

And that sounds mystery to me.

It’s Easy To Make Something.

Even Easier When It’s Just Like The Thing Before It.

And One Before That. But Like All Good Things.

This One Starts From Scratch.

No Notes. No Blueprints.

No Map To Find Our Way Back.

We’re Rethinking Everything.

From What We Make And How We Make It...

To What Goes In & What Goes Out.

A Giant Reset Button For All Things Innovation.

And So We Go.

Confident That What’s In Reach Isn’t Worth Reaching For.

We Know, Because We Tried Reaching A Little Further. And Came Up With…



The One-Plus Co-Founder Carl Pei’s Vision For – NOTHING

A carl pei's tech company - Nothing
Carl Pei Tech Company - NOTHING

One-Plus co-founder, Carl Pei left the company last year and has already announced the founding of a new one which he calls NOTHING.

He has said that NOTHING’s mission is to remove barriers between people and technology to create a seamless digital future.

He went on to say, we believe that the best technology is beautiful, yet natural and intuitive to use. When sufficiently advanced it should fade into the background and feel like NOTHING.

In the interview with TheVerge, Pei explains that NOTHING is meant to create numerous products with the intention of gradually accumulating uniquely branded intertwined.

Right now, NOTHING’s focuses on the simpler categories and will redefine the existing tech products. And as the team gains capabilities and the required skills, we will move into the complex to bring the ultimate vision of creating a seamless digital experience and that is going to only happen in an IoT which is the Internet of Things – Carl mentioned.

“We believe that the best technology is beautiful, yet natural and intuitive to use. When sufficiently advanced, it should fade into the background and feel like nothing,”.

Intro is Quite Amazing And Sound Mysterious

Who Is Carl Pei ? And Why He Criticize The One-Plus As A Co-Founder ?

Carl Pei

Carl Pei was co-founder of One-Plus, a mobile phone company.

He as a former co-founder of the One-Plus company criticizes that its smartphones, in particular, had seemingly become carbon copies of the phone released by another mobile phone company called ‘Oppo‘.

Carl mentions that there is a reason why a lot of products on the market look quite similar pay says it’s because they share a lot of the same components and the same building blocks.

How’d Carl Pei’s Tech Company – ‘NOTHING’ Will Be Different From The Rest ?

NOTHING - Concepts 1

In an interview with The Verge, Pei told that –

The tech company – Nothing, will be using custom-made Components from the get-go so it won’t be re-labeling somebody else’s products.

The unique designs aren’t merely intended to be different for the sake of being different however the intention is for them to not be noticeable at all, which is the first step towards making a tech feels seamless experience.

Pei explains that the kind of envision a grass field with people having a picnic and there’s no screen, no laptop screen, no phone’s screen, no smartwatch screen, no billboard screen…

And that’s kind of the end state he does admit.

Though it will likely take several decades to get there to a future where technology looks and feels like nothing.

Why The Name ‘NOTHING’ ?

It Feels Like NOTHING

NOTHING is more than just the name. It’s the essence behind it.

Tech with a seamless experience across multiple devices is an interesting future tech. But if you notice it’s not a new concept.

It’s been in Sci-fi, since 80’s.

The name ‘NOTHING’ is a carl Pei ‘s tech company which meant to give audiences a seamless experience.

And the simple way to explain this is that – Tech like IoT is getting advanced and many advanced tech products are developed but there is a lack of seamlessness. This means you as a user have to consider a few or a number of things to configure or connect before you can actually interact with the tech.

Take an example of Wifi connection.

Before you can actually start surfing the internet, you’ve to do a lot of configuration in the background from manual to software configuration. And you can clearly see here, that there is a lack of seamless.

And the question comes here, what about the seamless experience ?

As I mentioned, this sounds like advanced, and this will take decades to developed in to usable technology.

As companies develop technologies that require less and less user intervention to get things like setup done and it’s like it has become a very seamless process.

And NOTHING is the first step, toward that future, where you see technology with a seamless experience and feel like Nothing.

So, What Could Be The Possibilities Of Seamless Experience In Future?

What would such futuristic technologies entail? Are we talking about the holographic screens or ocular implants ?

Possibilities Would Be Endless And Anything.

A seamless experience is a future tech. And if you are still unsure, what exactly NOTHING tech company will about. It’s not about the wireless earbud, they choose their first products to unveil, this summer.

Wireless Earbud concept 1 is about stepping into a fully immersive digital experience. So, NOTHING is more about tech, when sufficiently advanced, the technologies should fade into the background and give you a seamless experience and it feels like nothing.

It’s not going be easy though.

What do you think could be on the horizon from NOTHING Company ?

We can only imagine but Carl Pei has a knack for building hype that’s for sure he’s given us just enough of a glimpse of his vision to what our appetite but we’re going to have to wait and see.

What Kinds Of Products Carl Pei’s Tech Company – NOTHING Developing These Days ?

In the initial days, everything seems so hype, and nothing were clear about what NOTHING Company is going to be about. What kind of products we will get to see.

Carl Pei made it clear right from the beginning that the product they will be developing is meant to give a seamless experience. And he also said – New Mystery Tech Company.

NOTHING – A Carl Pei’s Tech Company currently working with the Swedish electronics Company named, Teenage Engineering, And this company is worldwide best known for beautifully designed audio products.

Carl Pei mention that the Teenage Engineering company is NOTHING’s founding partners and together they will be involving in designing the aesthetic at his company.

They’ve already worked with Teenage Engineering to create a products roadmap that will lead the team to design really unique products that NOTHING’s founder Carl Pei has the vision.

A carl pei's tech company - Nothing Website Glimpse

No doubt ! NOTHING’s first product is a pair of wireless Earbuds. And the first products is named as ‘Concept 1‘.

According to theverge, NOTHING Tech, first product will be Earbud Concept 1, which is to be released this summer, 2021

But now, the design of the product is not clear or simply not shared. There are no exact details to be revealed about the earphones but there is one thing for sure that the earphones will be transparent in iconic form and they will refine the functionality to bring to the earphones.

And in several interviews, Carl Pei mentions that this is the first step into the future tech of having a seamless experience, where tech feels like NOTHING.


Investment And Funds – Carl Pei’s Company NOTHING Has Received

$7M Seed Financing Round – In November 2020

NOTHING raised $7m in seed financing from friends and investors who share their mission.

Nothing Raised $15M in a Series A Round Led By GV – In February 2021

GV joined the Nothing mission and invested $15 million in their Series A round.

$1.5 Million in 54 Seconds – In March 2021

NOTHING – A Carl Pei’s Tech Company is the first community funding round only took 54 seconds, making it the fastest project to surpass $1M via crowdfunding in Europe.

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