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Hunting business ideas and online money-making ideas are really interesting topics. But the problem is that almost every bloggers and author share the same ideas again and again. So, let me ask you, Are You Tired From Those Repetitive Business Ideas Suggestions? If So, then I am going unfold 5 Unique Online Business Ideas For Women that will not be going to disappoint you in any way.

At SimplifiedBlogs, my job is to explore and share those business ideas and money-making ideas in a most elaborative and simple manner that anyone can follow up along.

Note: This is not specifically written to guide you on how to make money online? Rather it is small business ideas for women. In case if you’ve no plan to start a business, you may like to explore online money-making ideas. I highly suggest checking out too.

Let’s roll out the first small business ideas for women

Doodles Printed Umbrella : Best Small Business Ideas For Women 2021

The first business ideas for women, I would like to suggest is to think about starting a doodles printed umbrella.

Designer umbrella can be a eye-catching products.
Check out some of the example of customized and designer umbrella products –

Think about long-term goal rather than short-term goal.

I have a ton of business idea options that I can suggest to you, but those might be highly competitive business ideas in the market as well requires huge efforts, planning, and investment to set up.

Rather I decided to bring, something more interesting, something more unique with comparatively low competition.

If you’re serious about starting your own small business from home and hunting that one opportunity, that is exciting as well as profitable.

Then one of my suggestions is about starting a small online business to sell doodles and pictures printed umbrellas.

I know. It sounds simple but trust me this can be highly profitable and fun.

All you need to discover as well as learn the steps to build your own customized umbrella product. It will take time to find the proper working methods. But stick to your idea. Use every helpful resource around you like Use Google, YouTube, Ask for help, involve your best friends, family, etc.

Have you noticed the picture I have shared above “The Millionaire Umbrella Man“.

Umbrella is widely used all over the world by both genders, every age from kids to grown-ups and gentlemen. And the market is immensely big. So, this is a unique small business ideas for ladies and basically for everyone and it has the potential to scale overseas.

How To Get Started ?

If you’re interested, you might wonder, How to get started from scratch in the first place?. Or How much investment do I need to start? or Do I need to rent out any place? How do I Sell Online?

I cannot cover this part here. In case, if you are interested in learning about these, let me know personally at [email protected]. I am working on an e-book that you can have to learn about starting an umbrella business offline and online.

Rough Idea About The Process Involved :

  • An individual has to locate the suppliers of raw products who sell in bulk.
  • You can google the B2B marketplace to buy any products.
  • You can contact them.
  • Getting a sample.
  • Ordering in bulk ( like 100 psc ).
  • Printing doodle and picture on umbrella
  • Branding umbrella by putting a brand logo
  • And selling it at a profitable rate

It’s not hard but requires work and hustle in the beginning. You can start small, selling in the local market or on amazon.

I suggest consider taking the business online. And you may ask for help if you want to build your online presence.

Play around with the idea and come up with final business ideas, if you can turn into a better idea than go ahead.

  • Learn about the Processes involved
  • Find out the process to print pictures and doodles on the umbrella economical.
  • Is there anyone, who is already running a successful umbrella business?
  • Communicate with your friends and family about the idea and what they think about selling a cool and fancy-looking umbrella.
  • Check out some printed umbrella image on the internet and share with your friends and family.
  • Find fancy and printed umbrellas on amazon or other famous marketplaces in your country or website.
  • Note down everything you feel important or the reaction of peoples.

Don’t worry about the problem, if it comes by, work to find the finding a solution to fix the problem.

Start small and sell sample products to locals, friends, and neighborhoods.
Observe closely. Notice every mistake and thing that needed to improve. Take feedback. Conduct a survey in neighborhoods.
Team Up with your friends and family.

Have patience and dedication. Good things takes time.

Get The E-Book. It will speed up the process. Mail At: [email protected]

Build And Sale Chatbot As A Services : Small Scale Business For Ladies

business ideas for women at home

If you’ve been reading my blogs on SimplifedBlog regularly, you might notice that I have shared this business idea quite a lot of times. Because there is a reason why?

If you can learn how to build Chatbots And marketing with Chatbot, then this can be you can start your own service-based chatbot agency.

And trust me, many people have already jumped into the chatbot industry. It’s very easy to learn about Chatbot development and marketing. I had personally learned the skills in a few weeks. And just after a month. I landed the 2 clients. I had outreached 37 Prospects through the mail and phone calls, out of which 2 converts.

One from Real Estate and the Other was a Restaurant Business.

In case, you do not want to invest a heavy amount of money in building a business that may or work or not. Then these small business ideas for women can be awesome ideas.

No highly technical knowledge and programming language are required. You can learn from the internet for free as there are a ton of resources available. But I don’t suggest that because learning skills won’t matter a lot. You need to something extra that will help you land profitable clients.

Anyone can get started. You must have basic knowledge of computer and Internet.

Talking about the potential marketing and clients. There is a huge requirement for such kinds of services ranging from small to large businesses and companies.

And Here’s why ?

  1. Generate quality leads.
  2. Track incoming visitors to the website
  3. Fully-Automated Chat App
  4. Build Subscriber List
  5. Help visitor get the solution quickly
  6. Learn more about the visitors’ needs and requirements
  7. Nurture and Engage the visitors and customers on the website
  8. Helps in the navigation to the services, the visitors are expecting to see
  9. Help businesses get the contact details like name, email, phone numbers.
  10. Save man-power efforts
  11. Customer Services
  12. Cost-Reduction


In case, if you have no idea, Businesses and Companies struggle with some tasks as they have no solution or costlier solution. And you can easily solve the problem with Chatbot by offering your solution as a service.

But what is Chatbot ? How It Benefits The Company?

A chatbot is a small chat application-based automated program that is integrated with the website used to engage by making conversation with the user.

In simple, Chatbot is like Siri or Alexa, which is designed to make engaging conversation with the end-user.

You can design your chatbot the way you want. You’ll be learning how to design the conversation sequence that will get triggered when the end-user types something.

Companies require this type of services because it helps them generate leads by making automated conversation with the prospects.

Any Pre-Requisite :

  • You don’t require programming knowledge at all.
  • You don’t require to be highly technical.
  • Good at fundamental of computers.
  • Ability to learn and grasp knowledge.

All you need to be a good understanding of the fundamental of computers and the internet. And you can go with this business ideas for women.

In terms of cost or investment, you won’t need to invest a big amount You can even start for free.

But having a budget of about $100 to $500 is a good idea and considerable. As you’ll be investing in yourself and in your business. (one-Time Investment)

All you need to have :

  • Fundamental Knowledge Of Computer And Internet
  • Keen To Learn And Practice
  • Have Time (Almost 2 weeks) In Your Hand.
  • Wanting To Build Individual-Based Agency Business
  • A budget of $100 to $500 (Optional)
  • Have Patience & Dedication

How To Get Started ?

Getting Stated With Chatbots

I certainly cannot cover this part here. And you might know why. Better you ping me personally at [email protected].

All I can brief about it here –

  1. Start with research
  2. Learn About The Usage And Application Of Chatbot
  3. Learn Development Of Chatbot For Any Particular Industry
  4. Learn About Marketing With Chatbot
  5. Build Some Sample DEMO Chatbot
  6. Build Your Website For Your Agency
  7. Share Your Knowledge About Chatbot
  8. Share About Chatbot And How Business Can Use
  9. Prepare Your Pitch
  10. Outreach Your Clients, Globally & Locally
  11. Discuss And Negotiate
  12. If It Possible, Do It For Free Or Very Fewer Charges For A Month or More, Until You Start Providing Enough Value.
  13. Ask For Feedback, Reviews & Testimonials
  14. Build A Sales Page On The Website With Testimonials As Many As You Can
  15. Run Google Ads And Facebook Ads And Generate Leads And Further Sales

Additional But Not Mandatory

Consider Teaching What You’ve Learned Through Online Digital Course. This Is Be Really Helpful As You Can Grow And Enhanced Your Experience. As well as you can create passive income sources.

Chatbot Business Models & Which One To Choose:

I have published a blog that the 7 different Chatbot Business Models that you can use to learn how exactly you can make money with Chatbot. There are 7 different ways, so you have to pick one to get started.

business opportunities for women at home
Chatbot Business Models Explained

Sale Pre-Built And Customized PPT : Small Business Ideas For Women

I really don’t know whether you like this business idea or not. Although, these side business ideas for ladies are highly profitable. But I’ll live that up to you.

B2B business require a lot of contents on a regularly basis. The ideas to create presentation and sell to those business.

For Example –

Dummy Business Content Prsentation by SimplifiedBlogs

The above one is just a demo PPT Presentation that is available to edit for free. You may even download the complete presentation in PDF or other formats.

Agree or Deny.

Businesses, Companies, as well as Influencers others strictly need content and they’re using them massively. All you need to find the right way.

And I also believe not everybody can make it happen.

And interestingly, almost no one selling this as proper customized services. You can go global and build a brand of yourself.

Giving you an open opportunity to start individual-based Customized PPT Presentation Services Based Startup to market around the world.

Initially provide value as much as you can. Go small, help the company create huge and useful content and resources, with low charges or free. Once they find your value in work, then charge them on a recurring basis.

Handle multiple clients and projects, locally or globally.

Businesses use these contents to get people’s attention as well as presentation explanation while meeting and conference. So, yes there is an opportunity.

Even if you won’t able to sell whole services to any businesses or companies, you can contact individuals at the manager, marketing team, they use presentation for their work. They will pay a good amount of money for your services if you help them.


  • PPT can be used in the representation of any new idea.
  • To Explain complex things step by step
  • Discuss Strategies and methods with PPT presentation
  • Used during the conference, meetings, and discussion
  • Used by the Project manager, marketer, students, basically anyone
  • Widely used by businesses to communicate their prospects with the proper solution is generally explained by the presentation.

But what if you learn and provide these services in a formal way.
In a more customized way. For better experience and explanation.

So, this is another online small business ideas almost anyone can start and the best small business ideas for women to start from home.

All you need :

  • A Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Little Time To Learn Systematic Process
  • Patience and Dedication

Designing And Building PPT (Presentation) is a skill that you can use to make money from home. So, you can take advantage of this business opportunity t and start your own small agency.

This is more like freelancing services. But with proper planning and strategies, you can turn into a small business.

And through outbound marketing which is reaching out to businesses and companies. You can sell or get hired to build presentations for them on a monthly basis.

How To Build PPT Presentation That Is Worth Paying Off ?

We all know how to build PPT Presentation.

You might by thinking to use the most famous PPT presentation maker that is ‘Microsoft Presentation‘ offered by Microsoft.

But I suggest dropping the idea of using Microsoft Presentation or Google docs presentation.

There’s a much better way, I have found. And you don’t have to build completely from scratch.

One thing you have put the effort into, to make sure the PPT presentation is worth enough for clients and customers. And they want more.

  • PPT Presentation must Alling with the need of clients and customers.
  • Must provide valuable information
  • Must be clear each and everything
  • Should be self-explanatory

I suggest using Canva And VISME. It’s a Free platform. But with a premium account, you get awesome and more premium features.

I haven’t shared every details here that you needed to know before you can kick start or leave.

If you love this idea, and want to kick start your own small individual-based services then you need to learn more about it first. And also work to plan.

How You Will Going To Execute So That You Can Build Your Agency?

Currently, I’m working on a page, where you can find every information about this business ideas and how anyone can start from scratch and build your agency as well your first clients.

I’ll share my experience. You can subscribe my newsletter to get notify when published.

Start Website Building Service Business : Small Business Ideas For Women 2021

Another awesome and simple small business ideas for women is to ‘Build And Sell Website As A Services‘.

It’s a simple no brainer business for women. The process is quite simple –

  • Learn WordPress
  • Build Sample Website
  • Build Your Personal Website And Portfolio
  • Reach out local customers and offer them your services under their budget.
  • Accumulate and Gather As Many Feedback, Review, Ratings And Testimonials
  • Outreach clients, locally, nationally or overseas.

Due to net neutrality, the usage of the internet jump way higher than before. Almost everyone using the internet in some way.

Now, an internet presence is a lot more valuable than any other thing.

Do you know that the exact number of websites keeps changing every second, there are well over 1 billion sites on the world wide web (1,196,298,727 according to Netcraft’s September 2020 Web Server Survey compared to 1,518,207,412 in January 2019).

The demand for website building services is increasing tremendously. Everybody wants to have a website and an online presence. So, this is good business for ladies with low investment as well as good business ideas for housewives.

So, if you can have just one skill that you can use to build websites, then considered there is a sea of opportunities.

There is a huge misconception that building a website requires highly technical knowledge and as well as experience in many non-technical businesses and companies.

And this misconception gives you an opportunity to start a website building service business.

Did You Have The Same Misconception Too ?

Did you too fall into this 👇

  • I don’t how to build websites?
  • I don’t belong to technical background.
  • I’m not technical.
  • I don’t have programming knowledge.
  • I haven’t studied computer science in college.

If above is the case, then I must say you are too hunted by misconception.

If you do not belong to a technical background or no knowledge of programming, haven’t studied computer science, then no problem.

You are still eligible to enter this field.

Believe it or not.

Website building is a very easy skill that you can learn and master in a very short span of time. There is a ton of resources are available on the internet that you can learn from.

There Is A Problem

But let me tell you, everything is scattered and random. It will mislead you just like I was.

If you are learning to build a website for others and clients and earn income from this, then you need a proper systematic learning approach step by step.

I would like to suggest a better approachable method where you not only learn website building skills, rather after gaining skills, you’ll be learning how to turn into a profitable business by bringing more new projects and how to handle them smartly and plan to scale up your existing business.

You are not learning to build websites for yourself or your friends and family. You’ll be ultimately building for clients, businesses, individuals, local companies, etc.

And at that moment, you must acquaint and aware of the systematic process, methods, deliverables, etc.

So, here my suggestion.

As I am telling you this with my experience. I had a basic understanding of building the website and I was approaching local businesses to build their business website. But I failed badly. Did some horrible mistake, which makes my client angry and the project was snatched.

Then I planned to give time to learn. Somehow, fortunately, I found a program. I enrolled. Because this program not only teaches skills but also teaches to master the skills and how to handle multiple clients simultaneously.

Now, I can handle multiple clients very easily, smartly, and convince existing clients to refer me more clients. And it works every time.

About The Program

If you want to start a freelancing career or build a complete Website Development Service Business, then this program is totally designed for you.

Who Should Join ?

  • You are beginners and want to start a business
  • Want to start a business with as little as investment
  • If you want to make money as a freelancer
  • Want to build yourself a website
  • If you want to build a website development service business
  • Someone who is looking for profitable small business ideas for ladies
  • want to teach others online or offline courses.
  • If you want to build a website for your different business
  • If you want to build the different category of websites like e-commerce, e-learning management, and other

Pre-Requisite To Join ?

  • No Programming Knowledge is required.
  • No Technical Background is required
  • If you don’t have enough money to put into the business
  • Computer fundamental will be advantages.
  • Have patience, dedication, and trust in the process.

Currently, Program is closed. I’ll let you know through newsletter or updating this blogs in future.

My Offers :

Rather, if you are interested to learn from me personally. Then contact me at [email protected] or directly through the form. Use Code HELPWEB01 to let me know you are coming from here and discount.

I will personally help you learn the required skills step by step. Along with living implementation projects with real-world clients.

Ask me the syllabus and other information that I’ll cover in the personal coaching (One To One).

Launch E-Learning Platform & Community : Business Opportunities For Women

mall business ideas for women 2021
E-Learning (LMS) Marketplace

You might don’t want this suggestion that almost every blogger in this niche is suggesting. But I want you to give me one more chance to this particular small-scale business for women.

Because I think this business opportunities for women can be a nice option with the business model that I’m going to share now.

If you don’t know how to build such kind of platform in the first place, then no worries. I have the solution. I’ll let you know.

Let’s find out whether this is a good fit for you or not.

  • Patience,
  • Dedication,
  • Time in their hand

The reason behind this is – the E-learning industry is booming. Chances are very high to establish an e-learning business if done properly.

Some methods to make money online in E-learning industry.

  • Build And Sell Online Course
  • Teach Online Live Classes
  • Sell Your courses on platforms like Udemy, Teachable,
  • Give Tuition online from home

Bla Bla Bla….😒

You might have tired of hearing all this. Almost every blog on ‘Small Business Ideas‘ suggesting the same thing. And I totally disagree, that teaching online is a business.

Business is something more. Something you own and put major profit in your pocket.

And certainly, I am not going to repeat the same here. Because teaching online is not a business. These are more like freelancers or just simply making money online.

Business is more planned and takes little effort, time, and investment to establish.

Your business. Sooner or later should generate the expected revenue. It’s not the commission you earn in your business. It’s the commission somebody else earns from your business.

So, I did research and tried my best to bring the same idea in a different approachable method.

And sound more like Business.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s really not that difficult. All you need proper planning, effort, time, and little investment. And you can start your small business.

Business doesn’t only mean big corporate. The business means whatever you planned to start should be profitable in return.

E-Learning And Community Platform

small business ideas for women2021
Learning Management System

First, let’s talk about the small business idea behind this method.
Then we will talk about –

  • How You Can Build Such Kind of Platform?
  • How To Establish This Ideas Into The Small Business From Scratch?

The Idea :

If you look around in your society, neighborhood, around your town, cities, country, whole world.

You’ll notice that there are a countless number of peoples have some kind of skills and talent. And these skills can be anything like painting, photo editing, dancing, make-up, and facials, dressing, health, and fitness, speaking, skating, dog trainer, financial advisor, acting, singing, computer skills, programming, etc. Almost anything.

Whoever have whatever the skill, can be shared.

There are many people who are trying hard to learn the same skills that you or your friends, or your family members, or someone in your neighborhood or others currently have.

So, if you look closely. There are two end of this idea.

One end is the individual looking to gain those skills and at the other end, an individual having skills.

Udemy or teachable like platforms is actually a bridge, that connects these two ends.

So let me ask you,

What if you create a bridge between the two ends that are specialized in any particular niche or subject.

One Example :

You as a woman can build a platform where you allow any person with the make-up and beauty skills or mark-up artist or any related stuff to join your platform as Instructors. And you can promote your platform in the local or global market to reach highly targeted audiences.

And you can use the same business model with other niches or subject platforms dedicated to Health, Yoga, and Fitness, Cooking online classes, IT Online courses, Programming, Schools, College or University Programs, Art, etc.

This business model for e-learning is really awesome. But takes high efforts and less investment

You need strict planning and strategies to set up this business. Because E-learning is really a competitive field. Play around with the idea and try to come up with a unique one. Consider involving your friends, family, or anyone you think can be helpful.

You might be thinking building such kind of platform is a challenging task. But it’s not that hard.

The challenging task is to decide niches and stickiking to it. Other challenging tasks are –

  • Bring Visitors on the platforms
  • Convincing Instructor to join the platform
  • Marketing

Sell 3D Printed Products Online : Best Business Ideas For Ladies 2021

Which business is best for housewife? 3D printer business
3D Printer Products Online Business

Are you creative enough?
Are you the one who is hunting for a small business idea that is unique and fun At the Same Time?

You might love the idea of using a 3D printer to build your products. And you can literally start from your home without putting in a lot of investment and time.

Buying quality 3-D printers is very economical these days. . And I’ll talk about the 3-D printers in a moment.

So, What’s the idea behind this small business idea ?

3-D printers prints 3-D physical objects that you can sell as a products.


  • What kind of objects I can print with the 3D printer?
  • Does these objects worth enough to get paid for?
  • Is there any example of a successful business on this kind of business idea?

What kind of objects I can print with the 3D printers?

Honestly, there are varieties of stuff you can print. For yourself, for fun, for personal usage, or for the learning experience.

But our interest should be in printing those stuff that can sell at a profitable rate. This is not the most important, yet everything starts from here.

Something else is important here, that I haven’t talked about. Just stick for a while, you’ll get to know.

I am not covering those parts to include the list of all the physical objects that you 3D prints. Considering searching web. Or Subscribe to our newsletter and magazine, to get notifications when I published the blogs.

Here Are Some Example of 3D print:

Does these objects worth enough to get paid for?

100% yes. But there is some catch. You need to know and learn about it.

You cannot simply print and start to sell. Because business doesn’t work like that.

Simply printing and trying to sell is not going to work for you. You’ll be certainly going to fail if you approach this way. And in the end, you’ll think, this small business idea is worthless.

You’ve to be strategical, well-planned, and well-arranged. You must be well aware of what your business is about.

Physical Object Vs Products

There is a fine difference between the physical object and products. And you’ve to focus on building products that worth paying off.

But first, you’ve to find the niches or specific products.

Is there any example of a successful business on this kind of business idea?

Before I show you some examples, I want to let you that there are different business models using 3d printer business which I’ll be talking about in an upcoming blog post.

Example of 3D printing established business :

  1. Toybox 3D Printer – Toybox Labs (make.toys)
  2. sculpteo
  3. 3D Printing Marketplace | Pinshape

Who Should Consider This Business Idea ?

Pre-Requisite :

If I honest here, I must admit that you need this :

  • Patience
  • Dedication
  • Well-planned Strategies And Planning
  • Profitable Business Model
  • Computer with an internet connection
  • Good 3D Printer
  • Time to learn and practice
  • 3D modeling software (optional, and you can learn in your free time to take your skill next to professional level)

How To Get Started ?

Start 3D Printer Business

It’s not necessary that this business ideas is not good for woman or anybody reading this. In case, if you don’t find the business ideas attractive and excite you or you think it’s too difficult for you. Then its better leaving this idea.

There are countless number of suggested business ideas for women. You can also explore SimplifiedBlogs for more suggestion.

If you are interested, and want to get started.

Then start with your own research.

At least you, should be familiar with each and everything like the steps involved, any required skills, work process, struggling phase, market research, etc.

Good luck with that. Just let me know in the comment section if you are interested in this idea.

Hydro-Dipping Business : Unique Business Ideas For Women

Honestly, I never miss the chance to share this idea. And this is one of my favorite business ideas of all time.

If you are seeking really unique business ideas for women then I think this one might interest you. Because it’s totally unique, fun, exciting to start.

So, let’s learn more about the business ideas. And please try to be open-minded and think with bigger perception.

Females are generally more creative in terms of designing things and making stuff beautiful. This kind of business idea exactly fits females, but not necessarily.

Before I tell you anything about, I want to you the watch this video below. You’ll eventually get to know what I’m talking about.

Hydro-Dipping is basically a process to make any 3D objects stuffs fancier by dipping into the water whose surface is sprayed with color-spray paint.

Learning this art is pretty easy. You can find dozens of tutorials video on YouTube on how to hydro-dip objects.

The idea is pretty cool and seems much like a hobby than a business idea. But there is always an opportunity for those who are visionary enough.

So, I believe this idea as a hobby can be turn into small business online.

You can hydro-dip simple and plain-looking objects like shoes, water bottles, etc. into fancier-looking objects that you can sell at a profitable price rate.

If you consider this idea is good, you should at least give a try. It’s a very cost-effective process.

All you need to learn a little bit and practice in the beginning. Before you start planning or building a business.

Who Should Not Consider Hydro-Dipping Business Idea ?

  • This idea is not good for those who are looking to make quick money.
  • If you don’t want to start a business
  • If this business idea of hydro-dipping objects and selling at a profitable rate doesn’t excite you.
  • If you do not want to invest at all into the business.
  • If you want to build a business without investments
  • If you do like to learn and practice

How To Get Started ?

For now, I must say you have to find a way to develop a business idea of your own. You can’t find enough useful resources about conducting hydro-dip business. But instead, you can learn the skill of the Hydro-dipping process.

Steps To Get Started :

  • Learn The Process
  • Practice With Different Type Of Physical Objects
  • Find That One Product (niche) That Is Worth Selling Likes Shoes
  • Build Samples
  • Test The Products
  • Get Feedback
  • Get Bulk Raw-Materials From Cheap Marketplace like flee market but make Sure The Quality Is Okay
  • Try To Sell At Little Profitable Rate
  • Notice The Behaviour Of The Audience In Corresponds To Your Products
  • Fix What’s Broken Or Need Improvement In The Products
  • Use Social Media Network To Promote
  • Mention Your Brand
  • Improve The Quality Of The Products
  • Sell On Your E-Store (Online Store)
  • Promote Well


online business ideas for women at home

I am not sure whether you’re hunting business idea for women’s journey is over or not. You can still search the internet. Or you can also explore SimplifiedBlog’s other blogs where you can find more business ideas and money-making ideas.

All these business ideas suggested by me above is a home business ideas for women as well as online business opportunities for women entrepreneur.

If you want to start a business, then you have to hustle in the beginning days. But trust me, in the end, you can have your business that you’re proud of.

And honestly, this blog is not only for female or ladies. Anyone reading this can use this ‘online small business ideas for women’ for their own business.

I have put more than a week to publish this blog post. If you’ve enjoy reading this blogs then please consider sharing this blogs with your friends and family or on social network, because that’s what motivate me to write more and research more.

And let me know in the comment if you’ve read this blog too. And does even my research is worth to share. I would be really interested in having conversation with you.


Worth Sharing 🥰