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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, a name I’m sure everyone’s familiar with.

They are the foremost controversial organization and one of the loudest voices in the ring of animal rights advocacy. In this blog, you will learn everything so far with the PETA and the PETA Org.

Please do mention, this Simplified blogs is not about sharing opinions on the subject to support or hate, or paid sponsored. The purpose of this blog is to let my audiences and readers learn about a subject called PETA and the concerning news, and organization.

The information shared in this blog is curated and repurposed from the available information on the web, instead created with any motive.

What Is PETA ? 

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PETA : People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals

PETA is an American international nonprofit charitable organization. It works on animal rights-based in Norfolk, Virginia, with affiliates worldwide, supported by 6.5 million supporters.

PETA is led by Ingrid Newkirk, international president.

Basic Information About PETA Organization :

Ingrid Newkirk started people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in 1980 as an American animal rights organization. 

Motto :

Its slogan is “Animals aren’t ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in the other way.

PETA organization also educates policy-makers and the public regarding animal abuse & promotes the kind treatment of animals.

Purpose Of PETA Organization

PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation regarding the animal.

Besides, it also campaigns for a vegan lifestyle.

And most importantly the organization was against eating meat, fishing, the killing of animals, the keeping of chained backyard dogs, cockfighting, dogfighting, beekeeping, and bullfighting.

PETA Org. Funding

Location Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Team Members501-1000
Status Privately
Official Website www.peta.org/
Founded DateMar 1, 1980
Phone Number 757-622-7382
Industries Non-Profit

Data retrieved from – Crunchbase

PETA Organization Office

The organization first captured the public’s attention in 1981 during what became known as the Silver Spring monkeys case.

Generally, its organization office is in Norfolk, Virginia, in America with affiliates worldwide providing suggestions regarding the benefits of animals.

What Are The Objectives Of the PETA Organization?

PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods : 

  1. In laboratories
  2. Inside food industry
  3. In the clothing trade
  4. And the entertainment industry

The overall purpose of the PETA organization is to operate on a variety of other issues. Including the cruel killing of rodents, birds, and other animals who are often considered “pests” as well as cruelty to domesticated animals.

Some Of The Objectives :

1) Many of the campaigns of PETA have focused on large corporations. Like fast-food companies including KFC, Wendy’s, and Burger King have been targeted.

2. The organization has objected to the practice of mulesing (removing strips of wool-bearing skin from around the buttocks of a sheep).

3) It opposes animal testing—whether toxicity testing, basic or applied research, or for education and training—on both moral and practical grounds.

4) PETA supports hearing dogs (A hearing dog is a type of assistance dog program selected and trained to assist people who are deaf or hard of hearing by alerting their handler).

5) Lastly, it also supports when animals are sourced from shelters and placed in homes. But opposes seeing-eye-dog programs (assistance dogs trained to lead blind or visually impaired people around obstacles).

Does PETA Actually Help Animals?

PETA was a non-profit making organization that works on animal rights on the earth.

This we can notice from the event in favor of monkeys which took place in 1981 during what became known as the Silver Spring monkeys case.

Under Silver Spring monkeys case.


An undercover PETA operative, Alex Pacheco has been able to get a job at the Institute for Behavioral Research in Silver Springs, Maryland.

He was deployed by PETA to find out the experiments and horrible living conditions of the captive and experimental subject monkeys that were housed there.

Where he noticed about monkey’s cruel testing in the lab Headed by researcher Edward Taub.

The Head researcher Edward Taub in order to mimic the paralysis in these monkeys would cut the nerves that are attached to the limbs. And were being used to find potential ways to treat stroke victims so that they may regain use in their previously paralyzed limbs.

The monkeys would then be subjected to constrained movement therapyto force the body to regrow or grow new nerve attachments.

Pacheco snuck into the laboratory during the night and thoroughly documented the condition of the monkeys that would be living inside the research lab.

The photos he took were passed along to the police. Who subsequently raided the lab arresting the Researcher Taub.

The only such raid to ever happen on a research lab and convicted of six accounts of animal cruelty.

Instead of this,

PETA also takes hundreds to thousands of animals out of horrifically cruel places, makes defiant stances, and protests against the meat and fur industries.

They were also famously known for throwing red paint on celebrities and the wealthy who wear animal furs. As well throughout their relentless campaigns have introduced vegan options in major, worldwide fast-food companies like McDonald’s and Wendys.

These all events determine that PETA Actually Helped Animals in many ways.

What This Organization Is Doing To Stop Animal Testing?

In 1981 during what became known as the Silver Spring monkeys case, the most unexpected event. PETA spends 10 years and millions of dollars fighting for the custody of the monkeys from the laboratory.

Though they did expose the cruelty of some animal testers.

Along with this, the team of scientists and other staff members work full time exposing the cruelty of animal tests so as to make sure their imminent end.

This team also collaborates with members of Congress to try it’s hard to stop testing animals.

PETA Introduces:

  • Groundbreaking legislation to exchange the utilization of animals in laboratories.
  • Spearheads hard-hitting eyewitness exposes.
  • Public campaigns are pivotal in shifting popular opinion against animal testing.
  • Convinces major corporations, government agencies, and universities to abandon animal tests in favor of modern, non-animal methods.

Can PETA Be Trusted?

According to the recent report,

Data collected by Virginia’s state government shows that PETA’s euthanasia(killing) rates for cats and dogs at the shelter are exceptionally higher than other shelters in the state. From where PETA started losing its trust.

Most importantly from the case,

In 2017, PETA faced controversy when family pets 9-year-old girl’s pet chihuahua named Maya was stolen from homes only to be euthanized at their so-called shelters.

As a result, it was found culpable for two of its affiliates, Victoria Carey and Jennifer Woods. For taking a pet, from the property, and agreed to pay the girl’s family $49,000, according to the Associated Press.

PETA almost loses its trust.

In 2019, of 2,421 dogs and cats received at PETA’s Norfolk shelter, 1,578 were euthanized. According to the recent report from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). Besides dogs and cats, 36 other animals were also euthanized. 

Simpson has publicly criticized PETA’s euthanization rates in past blog posts written for Duanemorris.com, where he analyzes the info collected by the VDACS.

VDACS data on PETA’s euthanization rates for 2020 isn’t out yet.

What’s Wrong Going With PETA?

According to the state of Virginia PETA’s track record of rescuing the animals is actually pretty poor.


Because about 2,455 animals were killed in PETA’s shelter in 2014 with only 162 being adopted into new homes.

Since the start of PETA’s euthanasia campaigns,

Its average rate of pet murder has hovered around 70%, a ratio greater than all other private shelters in the state of Virginia. Which is 16 times more and the number has only grown higher every year.

Certainly in 2019, bringing a total of 1,614 animals were euthanized out of 2,482 taken in.

PETA attempts to justify its massive killing of household pets by using excuses. That they take in feral cat colonies, terminally ill animals, and animals that are too aggressive to adopt out.

What Are The Global Status ?

PETA’s animal shelter with quotation marks has been under fire for decades from local, national, and international animal rights organizations.

Why Peoples Hates PETA When Their Objectives Seem So Morally Correct ?

The reasons why PETA has been demonized across all forms of social media even when their stance seems so morally correct?

The reason behind is this,

The negative actions and stances they take in addition to their animal shelters. Specially they’re also known for their insane and sometimes even sexist ad campaigns which are morally incorrect.

Case Study


In 2009 PETA paid for a billboard that said, “save the whales, lose the blubber: go vegetarian” and it was very quickly taken down.


Another event which took place in,

A 2010 ad that featured Pamela Andersonthey showed the model in a super skimpy bikini. Also labeling her body with the same parts of a cow and saying all animals have the same parts, have a heart go vegetarian.

This ad was actually banned in Montreal, Canada for being sexist. 


Besides, when PETA crosses the vulgarity limit in a 2016 Superbowl ad. They thought it was a fantastic idea.

To show “two couples having sex and then labeling one as meat-eaters and the other as vegansthey claimed in their ad read that if you go vegan, you’ll last longer in bed”.



In 2017 we saw the greatest look into PETA’s death factory. With an affidavit filed by a former employee under PETA’s community animal program by the name of Heather Harper-Troje.

Her allegations included some of the following:

Allegations on PETA
Allegations On PETA

Their work appears good but the way of delivering the message seems to become lost in translation or even lost entirely.

PETA In India 

PETA India was established in 2000 and is based in Mumbai, India. It concentrates on issues about animals in laboratories, the food industry, the leather trade, and entertainment.

Generally, the PETA act in India also works to prevent the punishment of unnecessary pain or suffering on animals. And for that purpose to amend the law relating to the prevention of cruelty to animals. 

Who Controls PETA India?

Pooja Misra as PETA’s Brand ambassador inspires people to stop cruelty on birds by caging them and clipping their wings.

Amul And PETA organization Controversy 2021

PETA Indi And Amul Controvery
Amul Vs PETA India

Conflicts started when PETA was calling for India. The country’s largest dairy organization Amul to ban animal milk instead produce vegan milk. 

PETA’s Advice To India :

This comes days after PETA gave a piece of unsolicited advice to Amul asking the company to switch to producing vegan milk.

Later they cited examples of the most competitors like nestle and others and said that these companies are already profiting from vegan milk. With giving a piece of extra advice on a mole should learn from them and turn vegan too.

As a result war on words soon broke out with PETA being accused of attacking Indian tradition, Indian economy, and Hinduism.

India’s Raised Voiced Against PETA India :

India is the world’s largest producer of milk.

Producing an estimated 188 million megatons every year. Dairy also happens to be one of the largest agribusinesses in India.

Besides that, it also employs over 70 million farmers. And accounts for one-third of India’s rural household income and contributes almost four percent to the Indian economy.

As conclusion, Amul throws the statement that PETA wants to break India’s self-sufficient dairy industry.

Along with this, India accused PETA of trying to tarnish the Indian dairy industry. And states how many can afford lab-manufactured food made of chemicals. As bitter as it may sound India may not be ready for veganism. Yet so there’s no use crying over spilled milk.

As a result, the so-called NGO PETA is being accused by the Amul of attacking Hinduism and Indian tradition. As buttermilk and ghee you see are a part and parcel of Indian food.

Amul Vice-Chairman Urges PM To Ban PETA :

After the statement NGO says “Amul is a bully milk consumer”.

As a result,

Team Karl has picked their side in this battle milk. And says“vegan milk has a low nutritional profile we fact-checked it turns out and it is mostly true where do you think the cattle in the slaughterhouses come from asking team soymilk pointing at the dairy industry”.

However, when the controversies went burning.

Amul has written to the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi demanding PETA be banned.

Opinion Of YouTuber And The People Of India On The Controversies

PETA asking an AMUL to say no to animal milk and yes to vegan milk.

It’s like asking a baker not to bake bread—telling a tannery not to tan skin—or hoping that a brewery stops brewing beer.

According to the people’s review. No one should dictate what you should or should not eat. Unless that person is your doctor. As drinking milk is a choice and so is veganism.

As the controversies are hitting up.

However, we fact-checked it again mostly true both sides are milking the situation, and most importantly we don’t know yet how this war will end.

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