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BACK THEN, registering a company in the USA as a non-resident was a challenging as well as an overwhelming task. BUT NOW, the story has been reversed. Incorporating a business in the United States for non-residents is the easiest thing today.

Trust me, you can initiate the onboarding process of registering your company in the United States Of America, right from your comfort zone with your computer.

There are a lot of trusted and well-recognized companies and organizations out there and for some obvious reasons, you can consider those to get things done.

WHAT IF…You Left Stranded After Onboarding

WHAT IF… I tell you, that you’ve missed some amazing things like extra benefits, perks, huge rewards, and discounts.

But most importantly, HELP & SUPPORT, even after the completion of the onboarding process. I noticed very few service-providing companies and organizations are accountable for the afterward situation.

And this is the big reason to concern.

You’ve to make sure right in the initial stage of decision making, you won’t get left stranded after onboarding.

But this won’t affect much for those with multi-millionaire or billion-dollar enterprises. But surely, it will create an impact and distress for small or medium enterprises or companies.

If you’ve been planning to get a US registration for your company as a non-US resident, you gonna have to make sure that – You can reach out for help and support anytime you want.

The simple reason behind this. I guess…You don’t want to fly to the USA for every single reason or problem or simply bank ask you to visit for the clearance of any transaction.

And this is not my experience, this is what I heard from many business owners, founders, etc. complaining about.


In this quick guide which is a bit little longer, I hope it’s okay for you. Because I had to cover every single aspect and the problems that may occur during and after the incorporation of your company. And I don’t wanna get you trapped in it.

I’ll suggest the smartest, fastest, safest, quickest, supportive way to register a company in USA non-resident.

And I’ll share the discount link for the service, at the end of the blog. Make sure you read the blog because I have included some crucial information if you are planning to register.

Before You Learn To Register A Company In USA Non-Resident

register a company in USA non resident
register a company in USA non-resident

First thing first, this post is completely intended to introduce a smarter and simple way to incorporate your business in the United States, without any hassle.

No matter, if you are –

  • New Business Or Existing Business
  • Small Business Or Big Enterprises
  • Funded or non-funded
  • Registered Business Or Non-Registered Business
  • Founder or owner or CEO or Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Planning to launch
  • Irrespective of Any Industries

You can easily decide anytime to register a business in USA as a non-US resident, at your comfort zone.

Earlier, the whole process of incorporating a non-US-based company into a US-based company is an exhausting and tedious process.

It was way expensive and require a lot of investment as well as time to simply register your company in the United States. The steps were incredibly difficult, especially for small businesses, companies, and non-startups. And this becomes the reason why small businesses or Startups with less investment were helpless in making decisions or even thinking about registering their company as a US-based non-resident.

There were no efficient solutions in the market. And this was a problem until then solved by some companies like StartPack.IO, which is one of the highly recognized service providers worldwide.

Now, the problem has been solved with a top-notch solution offered by the StartPack.IO service provider.

The incorporation or onboarding process is simplified by the StartPack.IO and now any of us, including you as founders, the owner can easily make decisions.

Simply don’t worry about the processes, let the StartPack team worry about all the onboarding process of registration of our company.

In this blog, you’ll find some interesting things and amazing offers that you can consider.

Why You Should Register US Company As Non-Residents?

Register A Company In USA Non-Residents

If you own a company or registered company or simply planning to start your own company; that is currently not registered in the USA, then my recommendation is to consider this option because there are a lot more benefits you can receive than registering anywhere else.

The United States is the most favourable country for businesses in every way.

  • The smooth business conduction
  • Hassle-Free Experience
  • Tax benefit
  • Abundant opportunities
  • Supportive Environment

According to Startpack.IO services, here are some amazing benefits you as a founder and your business can grab when you consider registering a company in the USA non-resident.

  • Best Payment Providers
  • Startup Tools
  • Venture Capitals
  • Tax Benefits
  • Banking
  • Accelerators,
  • US-Based Customers

And the most interesting, that I like most and give the perfect reason is to register a company in USA non-resident :-

Additionally, US-based customers feel comfortable buying digital and physical products from companies registered in America.

StartPack.IO : The Best Approach To Register A Company In USA As A Foreigner

StartPack.IO Best Services

One of my best suggestions for company registration in USA for non-residents is- StartPack.IO. And I am telling you by observing certain things and processes that differentiate the StartPack from the rest of the providers.

I will give share some interesting things that relates you.

Earlier, several methods were there and in my opinion, many still work today. But may not be reliable enough or cost-effective.

For a big corporation, registering and incorporating their business is no big deal. They can invest a lot in the manual process to complete the registration process. And it’s not about them.

Registering or simply incorporating a business as a US-registered company is a complex process when you consider the traditional process, where you have to put investment into each action or clearance.

You need to consider several factors before taking help from others or unrecognizable processes or individuals. Else you might end up being scammed or an illegally authorized registered company, you might have no idea about.

So, be extra careful when you outsource any individual or unrecognizable brand. Be careful about how much you are spending, how much time it takes to complete the onboarding process, where the money is being invested during the onboarding process.

Now, the things have changed.

Registering a business or launching a business in any industry is totally simplified, to let you complete the onboarding process right from your home.

register a company in USA non resident

StartPack.IO is a leading and highly appreciated recognized brand across the globe, to help you launch your business or new business registered under the United States.

And it’s not about only getting registered. Once you’ll be successfully registered your business. You can enjoy a lot of perks and offer by StartPack.IO.

Just stick to this post for a while, you’ll discover amazing benefits offered by StartPack.IO along with the registration process.

Pre-Requirements Before Registration For US-Company Non-US Residents

Pre-Requirements For Register A Company In USA Non-Residents

For obvious reasons, documents are quite everything in the approval process for the launching and incorporation of your business. So, before applying to StartPack.IO, make sure to have some basic documents available.

StartPack.IO won’t ask be asking your sensitive information — just your personal and business-related information, which will help the StartPack.IO team to proceed the right way and quickest manner.

If you are considering the easiest and recognized methods to register a company in USA non-resident, then you only gonna have to share this information below.

StartPack.IO Only Asks For These Information :

  1. Your Company name.
  2. Your Personal Address (This doesn’t need to be in the US and Company will be providing you with a US Business Address!)
  3. Phone number and the best email to contact you.

The only information Startpack.IO ask are these in the beginning.

As soon as you’ll submit this information with one out of three selective plans, they will initiate the onboarding process.

Later in the onboarding process, you’ll also require these documents, which will help you in getting your US bank account.

Passport :

You will need to provide a picture of your passport during the bank application stage of the process. The banking partners will ask for you to upload your government-issued ID (mainly a passport) clearly and wholly so they approve your bank account application. 

If you want your business incorporated in the United States, then you need to have a US bank account which will be facilitated in the transaction process within your business.


EIN is basically ‘Employer Identification Number‘.

Once the company is formed and received all the formation documents from the state, you have to apply for an EIN application. It’s quite easy when you received the company formation docs from the state. StartPack.IO will help in getting the EIN as quickly as possible.

Brief Understanding About US LLC Business & US C Corporation

US LLC Business To Register A Company In USA Non-Resident

register a company in USA non resident
LLC Registration For Non-US Residents

According to Wikipedia

limited liability company (LLC) is the US-specific form of a private limited company. It is a business structure that can combine the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation

By Wikipedia

A limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure defined in the United States under which the founder or owners are not personally liable for the company’s debts or liabilities. LLC companies are a type of hybrid business structure entities that combine the properties of a corporation with those of a partnership or sole proprietorship.


US C Corporation Business To Register A Company In USA Non-Resident

C Corp Registration For Non-US Residents

According To Wikipedia,

The C corporation, under United States federal income tax law, is any corporation that is taxed separately from its owners. The C corporation is distinguished from an S corporation, which generally is not taxed separately.

By Wikipedia

A C corporation is also named as C-corp, which is a legal structure for a corporation. In this entity, the owner or shareholder is taxed separately from the entity. The tax on the profits from the business is applied at both corporate and personal level, which create a double taxation situation.

A C corporation is an independent legal entity owned by its shareholders.

Difference Between US LLC And US C Corporation

The main difference between the US LLC and US C Corporation is that LLCs is a legal entity and subject to self-employment tax on their distributive share or trade and business income. Whereas in C corp, dividends are only taxed when cash is distributed to the shareholders.

Limited Liability Company C Corporation Company
Legal EntityTax Status
Protected Personal AssetsNot Applicable
Tax Standard ($$)Taxes : None On Dividend ($)
No Shareholders100 Shareholders or Less
Subject To Self-Employed TaxDividends are only taxed

LLC C Corporation
Limits Liability Yes Yes
Annuals ReportsNot Required Required
Annual Shareholder MeetingsNot Required Required
Raise Capital From InvestorsPossible Possible
Publicly TradedNot PossiblePossible
Directors Are Public RecordsNoYes
Annual Entity Tax$300 (Flat)$125 (Min)

Which One To Choose For Your Company Registration In USA For Non-residents ?

llc for non us residents
What to choose for your company registration For Non-US residents

If you are concern about this then you can learn in detail about choosing the right entity for your company. But don’t forget to get the discount shared at the end.

I’ll briefly explain if this help you out. Here are some key factors while deciding what fits your business best. LLC or C Corp.

If you are seeking liability protection and flexibility that is limited admin upkeep, tax flexibility… the in this case LLC is a great choice for new businesses. LLCs are considered easier to start and maintain. Where As If you currently setting up everything or will need to raise US venture capital, then, in this case, consider a company public C Corporation is a great choice. US investors require a C Corp to invest in venture capital.

Why StartPack.IO Is The Best Option To Register A Company In USA As A Foreigner

us company formation for non residents
StartPack.IO : Best Option To Register A Company In USA Non-Residents

As I told you, there are no doubt that StartPack.IO is the best option for any one, from anywhere, with any-type business and industry.

You can find other organiszation or new Startups as well that does the same work and help you get US registered business. But that’s it.

But what if find that you have a lot of benefits and opportunity on the table. Yes, with StartPack.IO you can get amazing benefits and perks that will be going bring speedy-growth to your business right after launching your US registered business.

I would be glad to discuss those benefits you’ll be received. But in while.

StartPack.IO Team Behind The Scene

setting up a u.s. subsidiary of a foreign company
StartPack.IO Team

If you want to learn more about the dedicated team, then you can find on them on LinkedIn.

Reviews And Ratings Of StartPack.IO

StartPack.IO is a highly recognized brand for US LLC registration process. Other businesses around the world, not missing a chance to praise them.

StartPack.IO has the magnificent hassle-free and smooth experience with full transparency with their customers and client.

Check out some reviews received by StartPack.IO :

Reviews And Ratings On Turstpilot :

Trustpilot ratings
setting up a company in usa by foreigner
Trustpilot Ratings
can a foreigner register a company in usa
Reviews Received From TrustPilot

Watch Some Testimonials :

Video By StartPack.IO
Video By Startpack.IO

Transparency In The OnBoarding Process During US Company Registration For Non-Residents

us company formation for non residents
StartPack.IO Transparent Process In non-Us Company registration as a non-registration.

Transparency must be crucial for you or any of us. In most processes, this part is hidden. You never get to know where your money is invested.

Why the hell, X amount of money and Y amount of time is needed to just receive the company formation documents from the state?

All these topics of discussion are concerned if you are thinking about incorporating your business as a US-registered company.

That is the reason, why you need to consider StartPack.IO, rather than other traditional services/processes, or any new startups.

Transparency is everything during the onboarding process.

Pricing Details :

For obvious reason this is the most important, as this will exactly tell you how much you need to invest. Everything and every investment are transparent at StartPack.IO.

There are 3 Pricing Plan to choose from. I suggest choose the best what’s best fits your business :

open llc in usa for non resident
Pricing Plan At StartPack.IO

The cost of the plan is fixed by $349, $769, and $1319

There is a state fee defined by the state authority that goes into their pocket. The state fee cost is $150. But It may vary according to location. For example – If You choose New York, state fees are $200. But it’s okay I guess for you.

The important thing is that everything is transparent to the payer.

Which Is The Best Pricing Fees To Register A Company In USA Non-Residents ?

To decide which is the best pricing fee to register a company in USA non-resident, the best way you can learn about this is to personally visit the pricing fees.

There are some differences for obvious reasons, and you can receive more or less benefit when you consider one plan over another.

The basic is okay. You can go for it. But if you do really have a budget in your hand, I suggest considering a professional or premium plan. As it receives more priority and benefits.

This is a one-time investment so you can consider, investing a little.

Join The Fonder Network

llc company registration in usa
Founder Network By StartPack

StartPack customer are offered to join founder network initiated by StartPack. Where you can connect with different businesses, owners, founders, CEO… which will help you grow your network and you can also find new clients and new projects for you business.

So, highly recommended, In case if you are looking to grow your business, build network or collaborate.

Here are some brief about rewards you’ll receive when you join the founder network :

  1. Save money – Save $1000s by using exclusive discount codes
  2. Lifetime access– You have access to any deal we add in the future
  3. World-class support – our team is one click away to support you
  4. Free to join – it’s 100% free to become a member of the LLC network
  5. Our Tax and Legal network are yours– Our tax, legal, and tech network becomes yours!

StartPack Rewards When You Register A Company In USA Non-Resident

Special Offers And Rewards For StartPack.IO Customers

According to StartPack promise :

StartPack reward offers are worth over $50,000 in value and can be redeemed at anytime.

And this is true. They have partnership with several other big third-party services.

Check out some best offers and rewards below.

Amazon :

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Highly Scalable. Durable, Safe & Secure.

Reward : $1000 in AWS Credits

MainStreet :

MainStreet identifies, claims, and advances tax credits on behalf of startups. Most founders save $51,000 in under 20 minutes.

Reward : 25% Discount

Gusto :

The people platform for payroll, benefits, and more, Gusto helps businesses onboard, pay, insure, and support their team.

Reward : $100 Gift Card

Pilot :

Bookkeeping and tax for startups and small businesses  Pilot offers the best bookkeeping, tax, and CFO services for growing businesses.

Reward : $250 cash bonus

Stable :

Stable offers the only address your company will ever need, in San Francisco, CA— scan mail, forward packages, deposit checks, and more.

Reward : 33% Off Any Plan

Pulley :

Pulley offers a cap table platform that helps founders and hyper-growth Startups manage and optimize their equity.

Reward : 25% off first year

UnStack :

Unstack’s content marketing platform is designed to help you rapidly build, measure, and scale your digital presence without code, developers, or headaches.

Reward : 30% discount

MainStreet :

MainStreet identifies, claims, and advances tax credits on behalf of startups. Most founders save $51,000 in under 20 minutes.

Reward : 25% Discount

There are still more.

Tax Professional Network & Banking

company registration in usa for non residents
Tax help and benefits after registering US-based as non-residents

Handling tax and Banking is a big concern for businesses and Startups.

Generally, the business hires tax professionals and advisors to help them in the tax clearance process as well as banking stuff. And it cost them a lot.

Many businesses can’t even afford to hire tax professionals and have to do all the tax clearance by themselves, which is a totally tedious process that takes huge effort and time.

If this is the issue or trouble you are currently facing, then you can consider registering your business with StartPack and enjoy the benefit of having a tax professional network.

As per StartPack’s promise, they provide free and full access to their network of tax professionals. And you can connect with the best tax professionals anytime you want through personal introduction.

Some Top Tax Professionals Partnered With StartPack.IO :

  • Ted Kleinman : Founder at US Tax Help
  • Joe Faris : Founder at Accountalent
  • Angie Ortega : CEO at NubusTax
  • Stephen Estes : Principal at CLA
  • Etc.

Bank Involvement :

  • Wells Fargo : Everyday checking
  • SVB : Free for 3 years
  • Mercury : $250 Cash Bonus
  • BoA : Business Advantage Account
  • Novo : $1000s in exclusive perks
  • Etc.

Some strong reason, why you should register a company in USA non-residents ?

No matter where are you from and your company registered from. Anyone can register their business whether it’s a new or old or a new business idea.

You might have some question popping in to your head and you need the answer for that.

Let Me Guess…

Is There Any Opportunity To Migrate To The United States Of America When My Company Is Registered Under US-Based?

Have you ever tried applying Visa For the USA? It’s the most frustrating and daunting thing you’ll ever experience when you don’t have a strong reason for migration.

But it becomes easy when you do have your business registered under USA and you’ve a US bank account.

So, the answer to the question is – Of Course. Yes.

When you have a business registered under the USA as well as a US bank account, the process of getting approval for a visa is strengthened.

This gives a perfect reason to any company registration in USA for non-residents.

Does This Help In Getting High Paying Customers/Clients From The United States?

It’s no doubt that you can’t find a lot of opportunities to scale up your business in a country like the United States Of America.

US residents generally have high purchasing power than the rest of the countries. And this allows businesses and companies to thrive and exponentially grow. So, US company formation for a non-resident with a bank account is the best decision you can make, especially if you have settled business and seeking the right opportunities to scale up your business.

In case, if you’re a business registered in the USA as a non-registered, then your business can attract several high-paying customers and clients specifically from the United States.

Trust Factors, really works here.

Will Setting Up A US Company Help Me Move To The United States?

Starting a business in the US can make the immigration process much easier. There are several methods to moving to the US.

When you do have settled US-based business, then for sure, this help you move to the United States.

What If My Business Is Already Registered Within My Countries Or With Other Nation? Am I Still Elligible ?

In case if your business or company is already registered, then it’s becomes choice for obvious reason.

A choice that –

  • Can help you scale your business for exponential growth
  • Will help you to reach a bigger market which brings more revenue
  • Will help you find profitable and high-margin or high paying customers/clients from The USA
  • Will create trust and reduce insecurity
  • It Will help you build network and collaboration with the US-residents
  • Helps in getting amazing taxes benefits
  • Helps in getting visas and immigration process

Even if you’ve already registered your company within your country or either with another nation, your business is still eligible to get US company formation for non-resident with bank account.

It basically means StartPack team on behalf of you and our business, asking permission from the state to conduct the business operations in that location or country.

Will There Be An Issue Or Illegal To Have Multiple Registration In Different Countries For The Same Company ?

I personally confirmed this my own to find out if is illegal or not.

Having multiple registrations in different nations is not illegal. This is normal. A lot of businesses, which are trying to scale up their business globally, need to get registration from each nation before they start conducting their business operations.

You are seeking permission from the state or whatever department in any nation that controls the registration process, to conduct the business operation. And in return, you’ll be paying taxes to the concerned department.

And there will no issue having two or more registration for the same company in different nations. And setting up a US company as a non-resident is quite easy with StartPack.

so stay positive for it.

Visit StartPack.IO And Get Your Discount

To Register A Company In USA Non-Resident
Discount Offered By SimplifiedBlogs Exclusively

I have partnered with the StartPack team and convince them to let my audience start their onboarding process with a reduced price as compared to other audiences.

Conclusion :

There are a lot of companies or organizations competing with each other to gain your trust and turn you into their customers. If you find one better than the other, then you can simply proceed. But I highly suggest seeking some information before considering any organization.

I personally did some speculation to find out which one is a reliable service provider to register a company in USA non-resident. And I find StartPack.IO is more reliable in comparison to others.

And there are much reason for that, but among all, two of the them really concern me and I think you should consider giving priority, which was –

  • Customer Support
  • Being Available To Their Customer Even After The Completion Of Registration Process

What I noticed is that many service providers lack these. And the second one is obvious, once the onboarding over, they went on hunting new clients and customers. And giving less importance to previous customers. And that’s where the problem start.

So, my recommendation is to seek first about any service providers, What if… you left stranded after onboarding.

If I were you, I will consider StartPack.IO.

No Current Plan To Get Registered : Is That A Case ?

No concern for that. I totally understand, you might have no current plan to register your business. And there are several reasons like financial problems, or you are just starting out, you have an only business idea…whatever

You are totally free to do it later or when you feel the right time To Register A Company In USA As A Foreigner .

If you find this blog, useful please do me a favor by sharing this on social media networks or others. This really motivates me a lot to bring more quality and useful content to the SimplifiedBlogs.

You can also share the discount link, with your networks. This might help them too. if you want.

Have any query? Ask me in the comment section. Or Just let me what you think? Start a discussion. I’ll be sure to join your discussion.


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