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Rumble Video Platform (Rumble.Com) is making a big headline on the internet. You just need to get started ASAP. Rumble is a video-sharing platform that is getting popular and growing crazily fast.

If you ever wanted to start your video channel or earn money with simple video making and uploading. Then you must not lose this option.

You can’t keep looking for a reason to go on Rumble.com. If you’re thinking or planning to join the Rumble video sharing platform, then consider this blog post a quick guide before you actually jump to create an account with Rumble.com.

I can confidently mention that, you can make 10x from your video monetization on Rumble.Com, whatever you’re making on the other platform like YouTube or Facebook, or other video platforms.

And the main reason why there is a huge opportunity to earn 10x more money than other platforms, your videos are not only visible on the Rumble platform, but Rumble also shares your videos with their top and heavily crowded websites partners like MSN, Xbox, Yahoo, MTV, and others.

Are You Interested In Becoming A Video Creator And Earn Money From Rumble Video Sharing Platform?

A platform like YouTube is heavily crowded and saturated. It’s difficult to get in front of audiences and views. I get it. So, This quick guide will give you enough reason to move on to Rumble.Com – The Right Way.

And please note, if you don’t know how to create simple videos then no worry. I have written an amazing post on how to make money with the rumble video sharing platform without creating your own videos.

Literally, I’m just taking advantage of Free Censorship Rumble Video Sharing Platform. And you should too.

make money on rumble video platform

What is Rumble.Com Is About?

getting started with rumble video platform

According to Wikipedia,

Rumble is a Canadian online video platform headquartered in Toronto and founded in 2013. The site was founded by Chris Pavlovski, a tech entrepreneur from Canada.


Quick Information About Rumble.Com, A Video Platform

Type of Site Video Hosting Service
Founded 2013
Founder Chris Pavlovski
Headquarters 218 Adelaide St W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Area served Worldwide
Industry Internet Video hosting service
Products Rumble Viral, JR Tech, Neroku
URL rumble.com
Current Status Active
Rival YouTube
Monetization Available
Watch Time Required To Monetize Not Needed
Subscriber Needed To Monetize Not Needed

Rumble.Com is a video social media network very similar to the YouTube video platform.

Rumble video platform contains videos that are more viral that are commonly uploaded on another platform like YouTube and social media networking sites.

Because of the censorship-free video content, the Rumble video platform is now becoming a go-to destination for those who have been hunted by censorship on the platform like YouTube.

Rumble video platform came to the spotlight when several controversial political figures seem moving to a new platform called ‘Rumble‘ when the videos were takedown by YouTube for questioning the result of the presidential election.

This ‘Rumble video-sharing platform‘ allows to upload and monetization, politically sensitive, conservative content, and other types of content creators whose videos are targeted as un-censored and take taken down. So, Rumble.com is a loose censorship video platform, where content creators like you and me can make money and earn cash.

How Video Licensing Works With Rumble Video Platform?

According to TechTimes reports, if a content creator’s video is licensed by one of Rumble’s Partners which MTV, Xbox, Yahoo, Or MSN, then in this case content creator is liable to get up to 90% of the revenues generated from the video on YouTube as well another 60% of the revenue that generated from other partners.

Other factors that also decide how much revenue falls into the pocket of the content creator depend on just how much ownership right of the video, a content creator is willing to give up.

What’s Special About Rumble.Com ?

There’s nothing special about rumble.com. It’s just another video platform with loose censorship video hosting services.

What may interest you is that Rumble.Com is a great option for small video content creators. So, you can create and replicate content created by other creators

And here’s why?
In an interview, Chris Pavlovski, founder of Rumble.Com, said :

I think it stems from three major issues and one being the absolute most prominent issue is that creators aren’t making enough money off of their video content there(YouTube).

They’re not getting what they deserve for their video, the value that they’re extracting not their broadcast. Other digital properties are monetizing at much higher levels.

Well, I think the large creators, when it comes to discovery, is really easy. They have huge audiences their content is discovered on a regular basis but when it comes to the smaller creators, they have a real tough time getting noticed so discovery is a real issue for them and they’re probably the larger part of YouTube when it comes to many many people so helping that small creators you know get more tools is important you can have discovery for them is really important they can have the greatest piece of content but if they don’t have an audience they have that content discovered there for their video stuck

I highly suggest checking out the interview, conducted by Video Creator YouTube Channel. Chris had really pointed out the major issues on an existing platform like YouTube and Facebook. The video attached below will give you enough reason to get started.

Video Creators

Best Content Types To Upload On Rumble.Com

This is a little tricky to discuss. There are no boundaries to any specific type of content. That’s how Rumble.Com meant it to be.

Talking about Rumble.Com, it is well-known with rapid growth and flexible censorship video platform. It is often compared to YouTube, as it seems much similar. But trust me, Rumble.Com is a much different video platform than any other platform out in the market.

There is no restriction on the type of video content you upload on Rumble.Com. But Rumble.Com is also known for viral videos. So, you can imagine what’s a type of content is suitable.

Let’s take a closer look –

rumble video platform

In the above screenshot, you can notice some different types of contents niches like –

  • News
  • Viral
  • Podcast
  • Technology
  • Battleground LeaderBoard
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Vlogs

You can upload anything you want. Use your instincts to create or find the best videos that get a lot of attention.

For example – If you can compile a dog funny videos then you get a lot of views on Rumble.Com, as compared to YouTube, where chances are high that you may get copy-strike from others creators.

You might have a good idea to create amazing content, but the new creators on YouTube don’t get audiences. But Rumble.Com, you can build your audience easily.

Things You Should Know Before You Get Started

I recommend watching the video below,

Getting Familiar With Rumble.Com

Let’s get familiar with the Rumble.Com. Visit Rumble.Com. And Create An Account.

how to make money with rumble.com
rumble video platform

The dashboard and interface are pretty to understand. On the right-hand top side. You can find some menu, that will let you explore your – Account overview, My earnings, My Content, Licensed Video.

how to make money with rumble.com
how to make money with rumble.com

Before you can proceed to upload the video, you need to verify your account. Once you verify your account. You can now upload videos.

Assume you’ve had to upload your first video –

rumble viral video

The above image is quite descriptive. You can see number of views of the video and how much a person earned money from that particular video. And you can use and analyze what type of video is gets more views and more earning.

The main thing to notice here is that the – Rumble Point, which you see at the bottom left corner of the above image.

Rumble point is basically upVote or thumbs up, generally, the video gets, which simply indicates like and dislike. The more rumble you collect the more your videos get views.

In the below image you see the comment a video gets. You can also collect more rumble points from commenting. So, more comment on several videos can you collect you more rumble point.

rumble.com rumble video platform
Rumble Points

Can You Make Money With Rumble.Com ?

Chris Pavlovski, founder of Rumble Video Platform said, the main motive behind the creation of rumble.com is to let content creators earn what they deserve.

Small content creators generally get lost on the platform like YouTube or Facebook. So, Rumble gives an awesome opportunity for those small creators.

Many people started earning from the platform.

But the question,

Can You Get Started Today And Make Money With Rumble.Com?

Believe it or not, not all of us can make it happens. And the main reason behind this is our mentality, no learning ability, as well as quick give-up.

At SimplifiedBlogs, You can find a lot of amazing, easy, unique online money-making ideas, business ideas, and opportunities. But none of the ideas going to work if you won’t make an effort to change that.

So, it totally depends on you whether you can money with rumble.com or not. Although it’s easy, quite easy enough than YouTube.

My recommendation is to don’t give up first. Visit rumble.com and analyze the platform closely. See what kind of content is getting views and earning? How to upload to get more views?

Start uploading videos frequently and engage with another video through comments. Give some time and spend some time on the platform. Find out what’s not working? And fix them.

Straight $100 Into Your Pocket With Rumble.Com

If a video makes it to the front page of Rumble, you’ll get $100 a pop.

And keep in mind that Rumble doesn’t seem to monitor videos as much as YouTube does, meaning some creators feel like they have a greater amount of “free speech” on the platform.

Rumble Monetization : 10x Better Than YouTube

It’s quite easy to monetize your content on Rumble.Com. If you’re struggling to get more views and subscribers on YouTube. Then you need to check out Rumble.Com right.

If your whole motive is to make money from your content then Rumble.Com is the best video hosting platform. You can invest time in building a better channel on Rumble Video Platform than YouTube. And you can see the results sooner.

How To Get Started With Rumble.Com?

3 simple steps to get started with rumble.com –

  • Shoot a video or edit other’s (not licensed)
  • Upload the video on rumble.com/upload.php
  • Choose the licensing options

Licensing Option in Rumble.Com And How To Choose Them?

Rumble.com : rumble licensing options
Rumble Licensing Option To Choose From

There are 4 licensing options are available to choose from, when you upload any video. So, let’s take a look in a brief when to choose which licensing while uploading to video to rumble.com.

1. Video Management [Exclusive]:

This licensing option states that-

You are assigning exclusive rights management of your video to Rumble Inc. You will be entitled to 90% of the Net Advertising Revenue on YouTube.Com and 60% of the Net Advertising Revenue on all other websites where we place your video.

2. Video Management [Excluding YouTube]:

This licensing options states –

You are assigning exclusive rights management of your video to Rumble Inc, excluding YouTube. YouTube will be entitled to 60% of the Net Advertising Revenue on all websites where we place your video.

3. Rumble Only :

The third option is rumble only (non-exclusive, similar to YouTube), states that –

You retain full control and all rights. Rumble will be granted a non-exclusive license for the Rumble Video Player and provide 60% of the Net Advertising Revenue on any revenue generated within the Video Player.

4. Personal Use :

The fourth option is personal use, which simply states that –

You retain full control and all rights. Rumble will not partake in any promotion or monetization whatsoever relating to your content.

The most earning comes from the first two options. But you cannot choose only those for every video. It depends, whether you are creating your own video content and taking videos from another platform like YouTube.

Permitted Video On Rumble.Com

Rumble video platform
Rumble Video Platform

As per Rumble’s FAQ, you can upload any type of video. But you have chosen the right option. Rumble recommends selecting “Exclusive Video Management“.

I highly suggest checking out the FAQ section.

Why To Choose Rumble Over YouTube ?

There are many reasons to choose Rumble over YouTube.

There’s no mystery anymore, that Rumble can make you more money than YouTube.

Rumble also claims that it is ten times better than YouTube when it comes to video monetization. Rumble is more likely to place your uploaded videos on many popular sites like MSN, Xbox, MTV, Yahoo, and more.

Do I Need To Shoot My Own Videos For Rumble?

Not necessarily. If you can shoot your videos that is the best option. But if you do not wish to shoot videos then there are other ways to find videos that can upload with little edit.

Try my methods, and once you start getting noticed and established channel. Then you can give a little extra time to do it more personally.

Like editing videos, putting your channel logo, cut and join several parts of shared video and form your unique videos.

By the way, just to let you know,

Currently, I’m trying to learn to make videos of my own using awesome presentations (PPT) about any topic. Trust me it’s not that hard. All you need to focus on is being creative and define your steps.

In this way, you can build unique videos, totally free with copyright issues. And you can attract a lot of audiences with amazing presentation videos.

You do not have to show face or either speech over your videos. In case, if you want to learn about my process the send me a mail at [email protected]


It’s quite clear. If you seeking to make more money through video monetization, then Rumble is the best platform for you. Although YouTube is great for small and new creators, YouTube is a very difficult platform to get views as well earning even a minimum amount of money is a challenging task.

So, now rumble.com is a must and go-to platform for small and new creators.

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