Today, from the very morning, I find myself in a confusing situation, cuz I wanted to know – What Makes Someone A True Entrepreneur?

Am I an entrepreneur too?

Is it genetic? 

Are there any secret sauces of being a true entrepreneur?

The word “Entrepreneur” seems to be thrown around everywhere for everyone doing anything.

But what I believe is that being a true entrepreneur takes more than what we’d imagine.

The journey of entrepreneurship is full of challenges and struggles. But what influence the most is the –

Mindset And Thought Process.

Without working to build a certain type of mindset and critical thought process, things start to become difficult as you go by, and the journey to becoming a true entrepreneur starts to fade away.

One who seeks entrepreneurship must learn the art to develop the right mindset and work along to improve the thought processes as well.

Interestingly, these skills can be learned and improved over time. All you need to devote plenty of time, immense effort, and the cost is possible.

But Most Peoples Makes Mistakes Here

And to be honest, I am among one.

I’m not an entrepreneur. And I have a very hard feeling about mentioning that my dream to become an entrepreneur is fading away.

And with that kind of expereince, I wanna tell you something. Something that may make you uncomfortable for a while or even leads to controversies. But it’s true, what I believe.

Entrepreneurship Journey Leads Many Of Us To Become A Loser In Life.

Okay! That might be terrible you’ve ever heard about entrepreneurship.

But let me explain to you…

Ask yourself…

Do you actually believe that percentage of individuals who jump into entrepreneurship is the same percentage of individuals who emerge out as an entrepreneur?

If the answer is YES. Unfortunately, I’m failed again to convince you. But nothing to worry about, I and failure, we are quite close to each other.

For me, there is a big difference in percentage, and no one talks about it. The difference will remain static until someone makes an effort to point the cause for the difference in the percentage and share it with the world.


Who Are They?

Where Are They?

What Went Wrong?

We generally never try to seek these things. Because these little things make us feel like a loser. Rather, we’d focus on the positive side of it and feels like – ”What it’s like to be a winner”.

It feels so good. Right…

90% of the individuals who seek entrepreneurship want to have that kind of feeling. And failed to realize, the negative aspects which run or chase along with our entrepreneurship journey and they aren’t aware of.

Consider these two different things in the same race In The Circular Track, every time you see your opponent behind you, it gives you a sense of pleasure of winning for a moment. But in the end, when you realize your opponent is one round ahead, and you have no idea how. You somehow failed the race.

Now, when the race is over, you ask yourself these –

I was winning all the time. I had good grades in school, college, good networking, fully inspired, had/have a good job, business, startups so on bla bla bla

But What Went Wrong?

And you are the only one who knows the answer truly.

And no one else does. But you know what – you get no chance to share with the world about – What went wrong in the very first place?

You don’t deserve that chance to share. Because you are a loser.

Imagine, the same race happen again for someone else. Their entrepreneurship journey began just like yours. And you know where the hell did you made the mistake that leads you to lose the race.

You know the truth. You have the answer for Why did you fail to win the race? How did you fail to win the race? What went wrong that made you fail the race?

All you need a chance to let other peoples know so that the percentage of individuals who jump into the entrepreneurship journey and the percentage of individuals who emerges out as an entrepreneur will be gradually increase.

Resulting in a dynamic situation where things start to change. Initially, there will be some noticeable changes. But eventually leads to a big shift in changes.


The question is, Why the others fellows in the race of entrepreneurship journey consider inspiring from you or learning from you?

You are the one who fails the race against your opponents. Why do we hear from you?

Who cares?

And here comes human nature. You cannot defy that.

Certainly, this will keep the system or situation all the time Static.

The percentage between the jumping into and emerging out as will hardly fluctuate.

We usually chase after the positive aspects of anything and allow them to influence us and inspire us to get going.

And I have no idea about the what’s the solution for this? I have no idea how to tell you and convince you that a failure lesson teaches us a different aspect of the story that chases us without letting us know.

A story that changes the way we take things granted for, which further changes the perception of perceptions.

Affecting Reality.

For now, I have only 6 Secret Sauces of Being An Entrepreneur, to share, probably in my next article.

And these 6 secret sauces are still general/common that we see, observe, and fix as a general rule of thumb.

. . .


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