Check out the blogger’s earning source shared in the post.

 John Lee Dumas : From
Website Age5 years
NicheEntrepreneurship, online business & podcasting
Total Income – December 2017$210,291
Expenses – December 2017$66,798
Net Total Income – December 2017$143,493

John is earning since October 2012.

John’s blog, Entrepreneurs On Fire, made a revenue of $69,879 with a net profit of $26,143 in the very first year.

Entrepreneur on Fire ( has grossed over 12.5 million dollars at the time of this post.

Source Of Traffic :

Monetization Strategies

Source Entity
Product/Service Income :  $154,111Books, Digital courses, and podcasts membership account for his main income.
Affiliate Income :  $56,180John earns a commission for sponsored products.
Advertising :  $64,250All of the advertisement income comes from Podcast Sponsors

Promoted Products or Services

  • ClickFunnels
  • BlueHost
  • ConvertKit
  • Audible
  • Podcasting Press

Lesson We Learn From John Lee Dumas

  • Podcasting is great source of income
  • Become a brand
  • Promote few products

Pat Flynn : From

Site Age8 years
NicheEntrepreneurship, online business & podcasting
Total Income – December 2017$167,553.31
Expenses – December 2017$39,647.21
Net Income – December 2017$127,906.10

Pat has been blogging for more than 8 years the date of writing.  And of the aspiring blogger of all time.

Objectives Of Pat Flynn

The main objective behind the smart passive is to teach people about online business and how to make passive income running an online business.

Other Website Owned By Pat Flynn :

Source Of Traffic :

Monetization Strategies

Source Entity
Affiliate Marketing: $106,554.17Bluehost affiliate, ConvertKit, email marketing tools,
Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt$22.2k with a referral link
Advertising : $4288.61Podcast sponsorship and some from Google ads
Products/Services : $56,710.53 Power-Up Podcasting

Promoted Products or Services

  • Bluehost
  • ConvertKit
  • Leadpages

Lesson We Learn From Pat Flynn

  • Have clear goal and objectives
  • Objective To Help Others And Influence Life of Others
  • Be Consistent
  • A podcast is a major source of top bloggers.
  • Become Brand
  • Have multiple source or income gradually

Michelle Gardner : From MakingCentsOfSense.Com
Site Age5.5 years
NicheFrugal lifestyle, savings
Total Income – December 2017$126,260
Expenses – December 2017$7,983.85
Net Income – December 2017$113,276.66

Objectives Of Michelle Gardner

The main objectives of Michelle Gardner for Making Cents Of Sense is being frugal and learning to save for a better life

Source Of Traffic :

Monetization Strategies
Affiliate Marketing : $64,828.51Bluehost web hosting
Advertising: $13,716.00Sponsored contents and Website Ads Placement
Products/Services: $47,716.00Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course – $50k in Dec, 2017

Promoted Products or Services

  • BlueHost
  • Survey Companies

Lesson We Learn From Michelle Gardner

  • Have a clear future goal
  • A sponsored post is a great source of income
  • Build your own products
  • Sell few products

Create And GO : From CreateAndGo.Com

Founded by Alex and Lauren.

Other Website : :  health and wellness blog that made $103,457.98 in its first year.

After making almost around $10k per month, they decide d to start Create and Go.

Revenue Graph Over a Period of Time Of Create And Go

Main Source Of Traffic For Create and Go

Monetization Strategies
Digital Products and Services Income: 79,093.95books and courses
Affiliate Income: $61,206.90Major Source And Sponsored Content
Products/Services: $2,456.8Tasty Food Photography Book

Promoted Products or Services

  • Bluehost (Hosting)
  • ConvertKit (Email marketing)
  • LeadPages (Email opt-in landing pages)
  • Teachable (Sales pages + course hosting)
  • ClickFunnels (Sales pages + eBook hosting)
  • Tailwind (Pinterest scheduling and analytics)
  • Social Media Warfare (Social icons and sharing)

Lindsay Ostrom : From
Website Age7 years
NicheFood Photography, Cooking
Total Income – November 2016$95,197.34
Expenses – November 2016$28,505.29
Total Net Income – November 2016$66,693.05

She runs a food blog that talks and share about recipes.

Major sources of traffic on Lindsay’s blog.

Monetization Strategies
Affiliate Marketing: $10,257.52Bluehost and Amazon
Advertising: $82,483.02Major Source And Sponsored Content
Products/Services: $2,456.8Tasty Food Photography Book

Promoted Products or Services

  • BlueHost
  • Tasty Food Photography (her own product)
  • Elegant Themes

Lesson We Learn From Lindsay Ostrom

  • Hobbies can be turn into money making machine, if you consider it passionately
  • Visual Content matter most for attraction.

That’s all.

There are millions of bloggers out there. The reason to highlight their income report and their earning is to motivate and inspire you to take steps if you haven’t started yet.

There is literally a fuck load of money in the blogging industry. A blog website can be your digital asset that will keep bringing passive income throughout life.

But the point is – Many won’t consider getting started.

Back then, in 2014 I started my blogging journey but gave up after almost around 6 month.

And today I am regretting.

So, I decided to start blog website again with a fresh idea and proper planning.

Conclusion :

Blogging is for everybody. Everyone should participate.

Blogging can be a main source of income, but before that, we have to consider it as a profession. If we are expecting earnings from the website, then making the right effort is necessary.

Patience and dedication are everything. If you think you can suddenly jump into it and start making money in a couple of days or months. It’s not going to happen anytime soon. And there are several factors.

It require well-planned hustle and certain period of time to see any result.

Those top player bloggers are successful just because they – Get Started And They Didn’t Give Up.

Don’t focus on having a great blog.
Focus on producing a blog that is great for your readers.


Go give a tweet for today.

If you recently started your blog journey then do share in the comment and what’s going on with your blog. (No spamming) I would love to check out your blog website.


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