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Hunting down that one good unique online business ideas is sometimes difficult.

You might have to go through the number of articles, blogs, and suggestions and think about – Is that An Ideas, I’m Looking For?

Nah !

Something – Unique, Profitable, Easy to start, Less Saturated Market, Require less investment And most important fun.

If so,

Then you definitely need to check out this blog, as I have broken down 7 unique online business ideas in a most simple approach that you can easily interpret, whether any business idea is a good fit or not.

Before you read so, keep in mind that this online money making business ideas are not any kind of hacks or get quick rich scheme. Although, these business ideas don’t require any specific degree or skills and anyone with basic knowledge of computer and humor can kick start their journey.

Starting a business is not fun in the beginning, you always have to think one step ahead. Here, are few things that any business ideas need.

  • Planning And Strategies – Give you the right way to approach
  • Competitors Analysis – Gives you an idea about your competitors
  • Building Business Model – Upon which whole business work
  • Deciding Revenue Generation Model – Source of income
  • Little Investment – Good idea to invest little money in building business
  • Lots of dedication and patience – Key to success
  • Learning And Keen to start a business

If you are seriously looking to start your online business, and if so you looking for unique online business opportunities then Simplified Blogs can help you find one.

As I have shared all my business ideas and opportunities and make money online exploration under one roof. Don’t forget to check out.

1. Hydro Dipping Business : Unique Online Business Ideas

YouTube Video By Sam Alxr

The first online business ideas to make money, I would like to introduce ‘Hydro-Dipping Business‘.

Honestly, I got this online business opportunities while watching YouTube videos. So, I decided to share with you.

I started digging deep into this and found that these simple tricks can be well used to create our own products that can be sold in the market at a profitable rate.

And with my tiny research, this market is untapped and creates huge online business opportunities for anyone who wants to get started with as much as little investment and effort.

Selling customized shoes or any other physical objects that can be turned into an online business idea to make money.

This online business ideas is not saturated enough in the market and has potential to attract peoples attention.

So, anyone can start with these money-making business ideas, where one can learn the art in a couple of days or a week and can start their own business. 

What is Hydro Dipping ?

Hydro dipping is a very simple process to customized any 3-dimensional physical objects into colorful and fancy-looking objects. 

Watch this video here, to learn more what actually I’m talking about –

Video Shared By The Q

Steps To Start Hydro Dipping Online Business

There are several ways you can approach to start your business. If you’re not visionary enough to recognize then you need to take some extra steps to make realize what’s going to work and what’s not going to work.

Before you can invest your efforts, time and money in setting up your business, you need to do some experiment. Experiment just to find, if it works for you or not.

So, start with the experiment :

  • Learn – How To Dip objects ?
  • Try dipping different kinds of physical objects
  • Learn To Be Creative (You can learn from YouTube)

2. Chatbot Service Agency : Service-Based Online Business Ideas

Have you heard about Chatbot?

In case, you if you don’t. Then let me tell you guys…if you are really determine to make money online. Then this is it. 

A chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or through the telephone. 

Or in simple word, 

A chatbot is like Alexa or Sir, which is developed to automated the conversation between the end-users on the messenger platform.

I’m sure. You might have experienced it somewhere. Have you ever made a conversation with the chat app that sounds more like a robot reply behind the scene?

Businesses and Companies saw an excellent opportunity in the chatbot technology because chatbot can help businesses accomplishing many tasks. A chatbot allows automating certain tasks as well nurture and engage the audiences and customers.

Generally, businesses and companies uses integrated automated chat app with their website, so that they can achiveve certain tasks like –

  1. Track incoming visitors
  2. Help visitor get the solution quickly
  3. Learn more about the visitor’s needs
  4. Nurture and Engage the visitors on the website
  5. Helps in the navigation to the services, the visitors is expecting to see
  6. Help businesses get the contact details like name, email, phone numbers.
  7. Save man-power efforts
  8. Customer Services
  9. Cost-Reduction

Who Should Start This Business ?

Anyone with basic knowledge of Computer and Internet can consider to start this type of service-based online business ideas.

  • No programming knowledge required
  • Or Highly technical savvy required. 
  • You’ll need a computer
  • And Internet Connection

It will take about week or few weeks to get started and working for clients.

There are several success stories on the internet you can find and read about. 

In case, if you are looking for online business opportunities or simple money-making online ideas that you can scale to a small business or agency on the internet. Then Chatbot services-based agency will be awesome methods to start an online business from home.

If you are wondering what is the best way to get started in the Chatbot?

Probably, searching web is considered a good ideas learn more about anything. 

Go ahead with this. But don’t forget to check out this – 7 Ways You Can Try To Make Money With Chatbots And how to scale your freelancing services into a fully-fledged service-based internet business.  

And these methods are so easy to learn and get started in a couple of days or a week. No programming and no technical knowledge are required.

Yes, it is possible. There are several success stories on the internet that peoples are monetizing chatbots to make a good amount of money through different chatbot business models.

Like building chatbot, Chatbot Marketing, Lead generating with Chatbots, etc.

3. Build And Sell WordPress Website : Online Business Ideas For Beginners

WordPress Service-Based Agency

In case if you do want to make enough effort or invest a huge amount in starting a business, then this is the best online business ideas for beginners to start.

Everybody want to have their personal website, so, you can help individuals, influencers, professionals, local businesses and companies build their perfect website.

It’s comparatively easy to find website development project. You may even reach out to local or overseas clients and get projects.

But you might be wondering, ‘I don’t know how to build website?’

‘I am not technical enough’. ‘I don’t know how to code?’

Okay. Stop Crying.

First thing first,

No Coding And Highly Technical Knowledge Required To Build Website. This is the easiest online business ideas for beginners and starters.

Building a website is the easiest skill you can learn in a week.
There are a ton of resources available on the internet that you can learn from.

Build With WordPress Platform :

WordPress is a CMS software, which stands Content Management System.
And learning to build website using WordPress is very easy.

You just need a week to learn and a less than a month to become an experts. So, stop worrying about it.

Just after learning, practicing building a website…build yourself a website where you can offer your website building services, your experience, your work etc.

Then you can approach to the prospects and chances are very high to convert, if they actually need it.

Recurring Income-Based Business Ideas And Opportunities

Of course! This is a wonderful business opportunity for those who want to learn any skills in a short span of time and start their own business or service-based online agency.

You can also considered it as passive service, where you can earn passive income, along with the work or job you already have.

How To Learn To Build WordPress Website ?

As i said this is the easiest skill you can gain, but still many find difficult and that because of lack or proper knowledge.

There are a lot of resources are available on the internet, and also thousand of dollars of paid course and online program.

But if you open for suggestion then I you can join my program where I teach about –

  • Website Development Skills
  • Types Of Website Development Skills Like E-Commerce, E-Learning, And Business Websites types
  • Starting An Website Development Agency
  • Prospecting Methods And Approach To Find Profitable New Projects & Clients
  • Learn How To Work On Multiple Projects Simultaneously.
  • How To Scale Business Up?
  • Hands-On Website Development Projects

Money-Back Guarantee.
For Limited students.

4. On-Demand T-Shirts Printing Business : Online Business Ideas From Home

On-Demand T-shirts Printing Business

You may heard about this type of popular money making business ideas, quite a lot of times.

This kind of online business idea is very lucrative with high-income potential. But requires effort, time, and little investment to set up and run, but definitely profitable.

Have you heard about Teespring And Redbubble?

Both are the t-shirt printing platform or basically, a website for T-shirt printing as well as other items/kinds of stuff.

It’s free to join and you don’t require any kind of investment.

All you need a computer with an internet connection. The platform allows you to create your store and you can design your t-shirts using built-in tools.

But there is a problem. It’s very difficult for the beginner to get in front of the peoples. Because these platforms are saturated by other designers. So, you might require different strategies to gain followers. For example, you might need to promote yourself enough or make YouTube Videos or share on social media platforms.

So, if you are seriously looking for Online Business Ideas To Make Money where you can put your time, effort, and investment as well as you have patience.

Then there is a different business model which I think better than the above one. And you should go ahead with this.

Starting your own Screen T-Shirts Printing Business :

Rather than using other platform, you can print your own t-shirts and other items and sell into the markets. And you can enjoy you complete margin profit without giving commission to anyone.

There is one business model that I personally like a lot. And that is On-Demand And Customized T-Shirt Printing Business. And I’ll share a detailed guide about this type of online business ideas to start from home.

So, you can subscribe our blogs and newsletter, to receive notification when releases.

I know you might have a question popping into your head. Like

  • How do I print T-shirts?
  • Where I can collect designs for t-shirts?
  • Do I have to buy machines and equipment?
  • How much investment I’m are going to need?
  • How can I promote my business?
  • Will this business idea going to work or not?
  • How I can sell online?
  • What is the first step to begin?


I totally understand that these questions are needed to answer before you can jump into it. But for me and the purpose of this blog is to share Online Business Ideas To Make Money. So, I cannot deep dive into any particular business ideas to explain in depth.

These online business ideas are so common that anyone can start. You don’t need to be highly technical. In any kinds of business idea, you’ll going to face challenges, that you’ve to overcome.

Similarly, this unique online business ideas requires you to be determined and execute every planned step and keep learning.

All you need is –

  • Eager to start something
  • Have Patience
  • Work on Strategies And Business planning
  • Learning, when required.

Requirements To Setup On-Demand T-Shirts Printing Online Business From Scratch

This business requires a very little amount of investment. Here, are a few things you’ll require to get started.

With the very first step is Learning and Practicing.

  • Heat-Transfer Printing MachineWhich costs you around $150 to $300. You can find it on Amazon or your local store.
  • A computer and basic photo designing software – like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator – Don’t Worry. You don’t have to become an expert in this software. You need basic skills so that you can little edit the image or picture or design Like removing the background, changing color complexion etc. k
  • Plain T-Shirts In Bundle – You’ll require a plain t-shirt where you can print the design. You can buy from the local market at a cheap price.

So, with this, you can start learning and practicing – How to design t-shirts ?

You can find many tutorials on YouTube, where you learn how to print the t-shirt completely from scratch.

Steps To Start Your T-shirts Printing Business On The Internet

As I mention, this is not possible for me explain this stuffs here. It’s better I can suggest you about – How to get started? Where to learn and build business from scracth?

There are numerous resources on the internet…YouTube video can be really helpful here.

5. Digital Marketing Agency : Online Business Opportunities

Digital Marketing Agency

The demand for digital marketing services is increasing day by day.

The reason is that everyone, every business, locals business, wants to take themselves on the internet and grow. Because business on the internet is the future. Local businesses and companies are getting affected every day.

So, here digital marketing business opportunity comes in, which helps businesses and companies build strategies to grow and market themselves.

Digital Marketing is a very easy skill to learn. For knowledge, there are varieties of segmentation in the digital marketing field like –

  • Search Engine Optimization Technique to improve better ranking in search engines like Google and Bing
  • Social Media Marketing And Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Inbound/Outbound Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Automation Marketing


So, you it’s quite obvious that you’ve to learn these skills one by one. It’s that simple.

For example – Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And Provide services to small businesses, where you’ll be using a simple technique like On-Page and Off-Page to improve the ranking of the website and the content on the search engine like Google.

It’s not a good idea to start this business in the beginning. Because there is a lot of stuff that you need to understand first before you can start your own agency or business.

How To Get Started ?

First thing first, you’ll need to kick start your learning process. To make it easy, you can pick one or two topics at a time.

My suggestion is to start learning about – Running Facebook Ads And Google Ads, first. After learning and understanding, try to find some locals for whom you can start running Facebook Ads and Google Ads. You may reach out to overseas clients through email.

In the very first beginning, focus on these three things –

  • Gaining Skills
  • Getting Experience
  • Collect Reviews, Rating, And Testimonials

You can find a whole lot of resources on the web. But be careful, do not spend thousands of dollars learning these skills. There are a lot of peoples selling worthless, crap content and online course. You can find better content on YouTube for free.

6. Drone Services Based Business : Profitable Online Business Ideas

I have no idea. Whether you like any other Online Business Ideas To Make Money or not. But I’m sure you can’t deny this awesome business idea.

Drone industry is already taken by storm in 2020 by hitting the 100 Billion dollar market globally. And now it is expected to cross even 100 Billion dollars market globally by 2021.

If you want to join the unmanned revolution in any industry, well there is no greater time. The industry is booming and and raising several exciting opportunities.

Business Opportunity In The Drone Industry

Let’s talk about the business opportunities in the drone industry. And what it would be like to start drone business?

There are several ways or methods you can use drones for real-world purposes or applications. It’s really up to us what we like the most and how we want to start as a drone business?

First, I’ll assume here, that you have given your time to learn about drones and how to fly them for any specific purpose. And you have also learned video editing art.

So, with these skills acquired, what kind of opportunities land before such person.

As I said drones are used in many industries for some specific reason, and once you acquire the skills, you can choose any work – what and how you want.

This is getting long…so I highly suggest you to check out the post where I have mentioned 7 different methods to make money with drone as well starting as a business.

Do not miss. This can be life changing opportunity.

Some Examples Of Industries That Uses Drone Services

  • Real Estate
  • Construction Site
  • Wedding Videography and Photography
  • Media And Entertainment
  • YouTube Video
  • Advertisement

I suggest checking out the 7 different ways to make money with drones.

7. 3-D Printed Online Products Store : Unique Online Business Ideas

3D printers are really efficient in building and creating products out of scratch. If you can learn to build your own, then you can sell in the market or any marketplace like Amazon or eBay, at a profitable margin rate.

You don’t need to build unique products, in case if you don’t have an idea yet. You can use the internet and platform like Pinterest to boost your creative level and find some really useful and exciting products that you can 3D print and sell in the market.

To find out, that low-cost simple 3D Printers can really build products that worth selling. I started researching and here what I found –

If you have watched the video, you know it is possible to start a business with a 3D printer. Today, 3D printers are very economical. Anyone can buy cheap 3D Printers from amazon and get started.

If you always, dream to start unique Online Business Ideas To Make Money then this is it.

Do you think that this business idea is probably not a good enough start business?

I totally understand it is a little difficult to comprehend a creative work into a business process. But you certainly have to change the way you observe things because in that way you can able to find business ideas that work.

How To Get Started?

First, you have to learn the process of building quality products.

For that you’ll need a 3D Printers from Amazon, you find good and cheap 3D printers in Amazon.

Now the next part is to learn,

  • How 3D Printers Works?
  • What Are The Different Physical Objects or Products You Can Build?
  • How To Use 3D Printers Efficiently And Effectively?
  • How To Build Quality Products That Worth Selling?

You can learn all these things from Internet and YouTube platform for free.

Another things, you should be focus on researching the market and finding your niches or any particular products that

  • You Can 3D Print Easily.
  • Quality Of The Products.
  • Cost Of Building Products
  • Profit Margin

My Suggestion :

Start with research. Use Pinterest to boost your creativity and try to find and analyse the products that worth –

  • Money
  • Value
  • Eye-Catching And Grabbing Attention
  • Usefulness
  • Decoration

Some Example of Products Your Can Build With 3D Printers

For you reference, check out this gallery below,

8. Shopify Services Based Business – Business Ideas Without Investment


Shopify is a really great platform to build an e-commerce website. You can learn to use Shopify to build an e-commerce platform and then you can sell your skills as a service-based business.

Don’t under-estimate this, the potential to make money is unlimited. Shopify is brand and almost every business, companies or individual have heard about.

You can take advantage here to build yourself a business and represent yourself as a Shopify service providing company where you help local businesses and companies and sell their products online.

This is a very straightforward type of business. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. A lot of people already doing such kinds of things may be a business or as a freelancer.

Income Sources And Opportunity

  • Opportunity is unlimited. You can find a lot of local businesses, wanting to take their business online. But they have no idea where to begin and how much it cost.
  • The primary source of income is your Fees & Charges.
  • Recurring Income source opportunity.Online Business Opportunity
  • Depending upon your skills and experience, fees & charges vary.
  • Two types of charges – One-Time Building Charge And Regular Maintenance Charge
  • One-Time Building Charge ranges from $500 To $10k
  • Maintenance Charge ranges from $300 To $5k.

How To Learn And Get Started ?

Shopify Service-Based Business is highly profitable and easy to learn and start. No investment is required to start Shopify service-based agency.

The first first step is to learn and practice. And once you learn, then you can step out to find clients and new projects.

I am using Shopify service quite for a long time and have complete several projects. In any case, if you are interested, then you can contact me. Currently, I not running any online course programs. But in case, if you require you can ask me. If I’m available, I’ll consider it.

9. Job Portal Website – Best Online Business Ideas

Job Finding Website

Job portal-like website receives heavy visitors on a daily basis. Thus creating an good online business opportunity and also a very unique business ideas.

Job portal website helps two types of audiences so it is considered a connecting bridge, – first, the one who is finding the job and second who is the providing the job (employer).

So, I think it’s a good idea to start a job portal-type website if you planning to start a website sooner or later.

An individual has to be smart and good at making decisions because this industry is getting competitive day by day. More peoples are jumping into this job portal thing. So, you’ve to be very specific and strategic while building, branding, and launching your job portal website.

Do you know, why some of the job portal websites like Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed are a famous and big brands?

Because they solve any specific problem.

And slowly by slowly, they expand to cover up the entire market and making difficult for other new comer in the industry.

Income Sources And Business Opportunity

  • Income source and opportunity are abundant.
  • Sources Income Example like – Subscription fees for using premium features, charges for maintaining and exposing employer and employee portfolio, Job posting fees, charges for boosting profiles for maximum reach and exposure., etc
  • More income source opportunities can be made like – Sponsored ads, Affiliate income sources, blogging, etc.

Go ahead and do some research on different monetization methods on many of the job portal websites.

How To Build Platform And Get Started ?

Start with the research and planning by observing other job portals website.

Then next step is to build your job platform website.

You can use CMS like WordPress to build a job platform website. But in case, if you have a little budget then you can make a request to build a platform for you.

You can also ask me here.

Want to learn how to build a job portal website by yourself. Then I can help you learn step by step, how to develop. Without Coding and highly technical knowledge.

10. Content Services Based Agency – Good Online Business Ideas

Content Service-Based Agency

Content business can be a highly profitable business without losing anything on the other side. So, I think anyone with the ability to produce content has the online business opportunity here.

Before I mention anything, I would like to admit that this type of business is not for everybody. Individuals need to have good writing skills ( expert skills not required) and the ability to produce content.

So, if you think you have good command over writing skills then I suggest reading further.

The simple point is – Businesses in any industry need content. And I’m sure about this. I have done my research.

You can find many companies and top businesses, not having enough content. And their product and services also don’t rank in search engines like Google and Bing.

So, What you can do ? You can find such business. Do your homework of researching and accumulating what’s wrong and why their products and service not ranking? Does the products and services pages have enough well arranged contents and proper lead capture form.

If you show this information to a concerned person in the business that they don’t have enough content that’s the reason why the products or services are not showing on top pages and giving competitors benefit.

Chances are high that, they’ll take a step. And you can get the chance.

But why they will consider you? That was my case when I started. But eventually, I learned how to convince why me? Strategically.

I simply cannot discuss the procedure here because it will need separate space to describe how even you are a beginner and don’t have experience can get that opportunity.

Income Source And Opportunity

  • Opportunity is unlimited.
  • Earning per client or business will be high.
  • Opportunity to work with big companies.
  • High-Opportunity to get referrals and increase in earning source
  • You can charge a minimum of $1k To $5k, depending upon the business, you will learn how to. Learn More
  • The building team is quite easy.

How To Get Started The Right Way ?

Make sure your writing skills is okay. You can take the help of Grammarly, to improve your grammars and tone of writing.

Start reading other B2B contents, and write some samples.

Learning and Practice the art of writing B2B contents.

Must have a website, and show yourself as an experts. Do it for free or less fees in the beginning. You motive should be building your portfolio with good recommendation, reviews, ratings, and testimonials.

Once you have these, you can reach out to the big and small B2B businesses and companies and sell your service at pretty decent amount on a recurring monthly income.

Apart from this, also focus on learning these skills –

  • SEO Content Writing Skills
  • Content Marketing
  • Tone Of Writing
  • Learn To Create Varieties of Content-Format Like Infographics, Presentation, etc.

If you need website for your future content-based service agency, then let me know. I am expert web developer. I have multiple design available to show before you invest.


All this unique online business ideas are profitable. If you find any business ideas and opportunities then you can take a next step to learn more about it in depth.

I tried my best to bring down some really good and unique online business ideas and opportunities through this blog and put my effort to break down to let you choose without getting insecurity.

If you think, this article deserve to be share, then please take do share. This motivates me to put more time into this and bring some more quality content.

And if you reading this then don’t forget to mention yourself through the comment below. Tell me which is the best online business ideas discussed here.

Is there anything I’m missing?

Just let me know in the comment section.

Worth Sharing 🥰